Friday, November 25, 2005

Iraqi Rebel

Although the title Iraqi Rebel might seem exciting. But the blogger doesn't really write about politics. He says:
Not a good introduction I'd say. So anyway, I'm just your average Iraqi Joe... or should I say Mo. You'll find here my random posts on life in Iraq under the occupation (or liberation or however else you see it). Don't expect anything coherent here or the kind of political punditry you'd find on other Iraqi blogs. Just plain thoughts and stories, that would also include whatever rumors or jokes are flying around Baghdad at the moment. Hell, what do I care? There probably won't be anyone around to read this shit. So I guess that's all for now.

I wouldn't count on the fact that your blog is not going to be read. Riverbend thought that too at first. Look at her blog now.

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The new Iraq Blog Count e-mail is:

We'd appreciate it if you inform us of any new blogs by an e-mail.
If you're one of the members of this blog, and you want access to that e-mail, write an e-mail.
If you're an Iraqi blogger, and you'd like joining us here to count and observe, write an e-mail.

PS: Does anyone have a list of e-mails for Iraqi bloggers?

Don't Bomb Us - A blog by Al Jazeera Staffers

The blogsphere, a more exciting place once more..

Don't Bomb Us - A blog by Al Jazeera Staffers

What else to be said other than: GO SEE IT!

Hat tip: Global voices online.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Spliting Work

I don't know how Emigre ran this blog by herself. Now there are two of us (Me and Najma) and if it wasn't for spliting work one of us would have been covered to his neck with the work needed to keep this blog going.
New Blogs:
Koranic phenomenologyf
I chose this title as starting point from which my thesis of Koranic phenomenology will travil.
Husserl started his phenomenological method by doing the logical investigation, for this reason,phenomenology is discovered after hard searching & investigations rather than just speculations & opinions.

Show Time
darkest greetting for you My name is Mohammed T. Abbas and I'm from Iraq, you will find in this blog the things I like and the things I do, its just about ma life, hope you'll enjoy it, peace out

This page is created by Turkmeneli National Union in cooperation and support of Iraqi Turkmen Cultural Assositation of Danmark. The union is established in Kerkuk/Kirkuk /Iraq for the aim of defending human rights and political rights of Turkmeneli (Northern Iraq) population(Turkmen and Arap and Assyrian And Kurds) in the democratisation process.

ب?ره‌وه‌ر? و ?ـــــاده‌كانم
This is a Kurdish blog. Since I do not know the language. All I can do is link to it. No quote.

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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Still alive

Two blogs of the same author:
How to deserve it? I don't know how, just trying to figure out.
My letters to America.

Found them while reading the comments at 24 steps to liberty.

What does it mean to have a second chance?
It happened to me. I want to deserve it. I want to make this one work.
To do that, I need to see what inside me in a mirror. This blog is not for anyone to read, why would someone care about my daily illusions, feelings and thoughts. I will put some of my old diaries too. It is my footprints in life, so when I mess it up again or give up I find a STOP sign turn my head to see the route I chose and know where to go . This time I will live a real life, this time when the day come and I hear that voice again " that's it, your time is over" I wont say "not now !" I wont say "I haven't lived yet!" ... or scream "not like this!!!I don't wont to die like this ! None on earth deserve to die like this".... Next time I die, it will be peaceful and matter what, there will be no regret.
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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Abdol-Kareem freed

The detained Egyptian blogger Emigre talked about earlier: here, here , and here got freed today as he stated on the 14th of this month...

Haven't noticed that before, sorry!

But... Life goes on

Emigre might be on a strike, I chose to stay on the side and leave no opinion to that.. I went to the settings of the blog today, she's removed herself, and has made us all moderators.
It's our responsibility now.. Emigre might be on strike, but blogs keep coming.. I know many of you have only been known because of Iraq Blog Count, and by Emigre, and I'd feel sorry for the coming generation of blogs..

Please, for any member here, who feels like contributing to keep this alive, just e-mail me and we'll split work or something. I'm in the sixth grade, you know!

Emigre might have cut any contact with Iraq Blog Count, but she still has her blog.. And you can still reach her by e-mail:
In case anyone is wondering, Emigre has "withdrawn forces" from Iraq Blog Count. In an unforeseen twist of fate, the blog is now occupied by Iraqis. I am still available by email.
In my first step towards bring back the counter, I'll add two blogs:

The Iraqi vote
Facts, statistics and views on the December 15, 2005 elections in Iraq.
And, I was there:
I am a lucky person who was able to get and see every thing that many others couldn't, and because of that, I wanted to share my experience with the others, so I became a flying instructor then a reporter for one of the well known newspapers(I was lucky in that too), and now I decided to share it with you through this Blog, so the people will know what I know, and will learn what I learned; to work in places, like the ones that I use to work in, gave me the chance to discover so many secrets that many still asking about it or does not know about it; I couldn't talk about it before, but now I will put every thing in my Blog so if I will die, these things will not die with me; I will start talking, and I will talk about every thing I saw or I will see, because I was there...
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PS: Emigre, I'm sure you're reading this.. Anytime, just anytime, just drop me a note and I'll add you back..
PPS: The Iraq Blog Count e-mail might no longer be as functional.. If you have a new blog, e-mail me or one of the other blog members.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Emigre on strike

Well, this is it. I am so over war that I am going on strike.

I am tired of all the sh*t stirring, online and off. I am tired of all the provocation, online and off. I am tired of all the pitting of factions against one another, online and off. I am tired of intervening "un-named" parties, online and off. I am tired of my blood and my history which I can't change, online and off. I am tired of watching the blame game, all over the place. I am tired of the Americans who bawl "you hate us for being US" and I am tired of anyone else who bawls "you hate me because you are racist" (like as if - color on the web? Only in rainbows thanks).

I am tired of all of life. I am tired of being shat on by right wing factions for mentioning how very much western constitutional tweakings and terror laws, and wars, remind me of Adolf. And I am tired of being shat on by left wing factions whenever I draw a parallel between the forged protocols of Zion and anti-Zionist hysteria now. Whoever wants to shit on me for comparing fear of Judaism last century to fear of Islam this century - take your pick. Or maybe you can do your business in turns.

I am tired of reading and watching news footage of other people in other places dying horribly, and I am tired of reading and watching news footage of other people ignoring other people in other places dying horribly. I am tired of the coverups. I am tired of the lies. I am tired of the charlatans who claim to tell the truth and I am tired of the real truth hanging over my head like Louison's blade.

I am tired of my government. I am tired of yours.

There are 173 blogs in the blogrole and several other bloggers with access to this blog. Carry it on if you like, after this post I am removing myself.

See you when the war is over.

Oh, one last thing, half the blogs in the blogrole - I don't know whose they are - some American who likes causing trouble and has been getting away with manipulating the truth for way too long. You just threw a wobbly at the wrong person once too often, anonymous.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

New and dissolute Blog

An Iraqi tear, by "the woman I was".

I am an Iraqi single mother who managed to survive the wars and the sanctions; yet I could not manage living under the occupation; writing is a resort to forget the idea of leaving Iraq. read blog.

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Australian Wheat Board propped up Saddam

An interim post between blogcounts.

The story itself isn't new, been floating about for a while and everybody pretends to ignore it. Can't say it's really taken the Australian media scene by storm, doesn't have the same impact as Parisian riot or terror laws, and the Wheat Board are understandably happy to keep their heads down over it all.

What is new, in it's latest surfacing, is that the story now suggests somebody in Baghdad has decided to boycott the AWB until the AWB repays the hundreds of millions of dollars it made through cosy UN oil for food deals, which kept both the AWB and Saddam's bank accounts out of the red.

So, has anybody heard anything about this anywhere,um, else? Howard is trying to imagine it hasn't happened but he sounds a bit rattled.

Probe into wheat 'cancellation'

Australia is investigating reports Iraq has suspended all future orders for Australian wheat.

But the Prime Minister, John Howard, has warned Baghdad cannot easily walk away from its current obligations.

The Federal Trade Minister, Mark Vaile, has asked the Australian embassy to investigate a newspaper report that Baghdad had suspended orders until wheat marketer AWB repaid the hundreds of millions of dollars used as kickbacks to prop up dictator Saddam Hussein.

Mr Howard said today AWB could not confirm the report more.

Plus Aus agriculturalists and farmers, who mostly vote for Howard either with a direct vote to Howie's party or indirectly through his co-ally the National party, are livid because here they thought they were combating the war on terror by feeding the needy but woops looks like they were just lining another despots cloud. Is Mr Global Popular having an off day, or what? I bet US wheat deals haven't been cancelled yet. Imagine the stink if US grain deals were, what an outrage - Iraqi farmers growing their own wheat! Un-aided! What next, Iraqi's extracting their own oil?

UPDATE: Wheat Board continues longstanding relationship;

"Mr Chalabi said that he denied emphatically that he said Iraq had suspended future orders of Australian wheat," Mr Downer told ABC radio...

"And the long-standing commercial relationship with Australia and the Australian wheat industry was important to the Iraqi Government." more

The longstanding relationship hey, one moment supplying wheat and the next opening fire.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Comment moderation

I expect a number of bloggers will be happy to hear about this, blogger has introduced comment moderation to blogspot.

Should Iraq Blog Count use comment moderation? If you have reason to object, or not, please lodge your reasoned objection, or not, in a comment (which will be reviewed) or by email.


  • If no-one says anything should a yes be accepted by default and comment moderation turned on?
  • Should administrators be able to moderate comments or should all blog members?

general consensus so far - moderation by blog contributors. Switched it on. All blog contributors are able to moderate comments. See you later, am tired of everybody yelling murder. If you don't hear from me I'm probably secreted in the attic awaiting reprisal attacks (for real). I don't suppose it's occurred to anyone that the scapegoat in waiting here is the same one as usual. Only a matter of time. Only a matter of time now. Already references to "jewish terrorism" are creeping into our headlines, adorned by subtle implication. The most unfashionable faith of all. So be it. I await trial.

More UPDATE: Does anyone find this strange? Where do all these factions come from, and why do some parties seem so keen to have them all throw bricks at each other. Did it ever occur to anyone, that tension between Israel and Palestine is just the ticket to keep the ME in perpetual feudal disorder, the perfect climate for sowing seeds of deceit and reaping revenge? Oh sure, toss in a few theocracies and pseudo democracies, shake a few hands and put a show on the road every once in a while. But by Cain, pentagon strategy lies in pitting neighbours against one another, by doling out reward and punishment on whim without reason, by spreading rumour, and by generally keeping one poverty stricken group hurling insults at another poverty stricken group. Where is the tension? On the margins. On the borders, where two factions in extremism are provoked to regale one another with obscenity if not outright violence. Is anybody tired of this yet? If the number of bloggers apparently boycotting their blogs is any indication, a good number are tired of it.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Everything happens at once

Oh crud. I stayed up late last night, reading and listening to music and then at the last minute was inspired to write a brilliant and uplifting piece full of links to everyone. Then I caught a few eyes-shut of sleep and when I woke up again the world had turned on it's head and the force was disturbed and I'm tired. Basically, new terror legislation where I am, in Australia, was passed last week and today was the first of the dawn raids. After feeling depressed for a bit I checked my email and the Americans were mutinying. Then I suddenly thought to check a soldier whose blog showed signs of being hauled offline last month and it looks like it has been now, if I'm not mistaken I don't rightly recall him mentioning anything about his laptop being rough as guts before or about his hard drive being external. Surprising he lasted as long as he did, considering.

Anyway, I really need to go right now. I have like, crosses to bear. Will return.

Update: make art not war.

Monday, November 07, 2005

New blog

Pearls of Iraq, a blog extracting wisdom. Better beauty remain hidden? Oh metaphor, treacherous salt, sand in our eye. That one day tide turns, and creatures suffer less for knowledge.

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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Blog Directory

This is the sort of thing I always secretly thought might be a good idea.

The Wikablog, a blog directory where anyone can add their blog and edit entries. Why not add yours?

And while you're adding your name there, why not go and add it to the petition for Abdolkarim (grown by double and a half times already).

Free Abdolkarim Nabil Seliman!

Just what everyone's been waiting for, the petition. Be one of the first to sign!

See CTPB for more.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Abdolkarim Nabil Seliman

Just emailed the Australian Egyptian Embassy. Feel free to copy paste/edit to preference (addresses here if anyone feels moved to write). Will update.

Dear Consul

I am writing regarding a recently detained Egyptian internet diarist, Abdolkarim Nabil Seliman.

Of course I would prefer he was not held in detention at all, but short of that am emailing your office to enquire after his welfare and to find out how the Embassy might be monitoring the situation.

Please reply at your earliest convenience.


Emigre Lucere

Not forgetting Abd al-Raziq al-Mansuri, seasoned Libyan dissident.

Looking for words? Wondering how to appeal to an ambassador? It doesn't matter what you write, it's the expression of concern that counts. There's a great letter attached to the petition explaining the situation too.

Egypt blog situation update

Oh I see. An election. And an arrested blogger. Well well. Shadi Hamid discusses US silence:

The response (or lack thereof) to the upcoming elections (Egypt) - and the voter intimidation and detention of opposition activists which will surely take place - will tell us a great deal about the current thinking in the Bush administration. I can't say, however, that I'm particularly optimistic. more

Hmm, ok, 2+2= some other people in some other places rent regime rooms in Egyptian prisons. Known as "extraordinary rendition". In return some other people in some other places shutup about some bad things that some landlords do with their own tenants.

Taking an Egyptian diversion this week. Sure everyone won't mind much. Bit of a refresher, visiting other people's troubles (takes my mind off my own imminent arrest anyway).

Shadi piece via Miss Mabrouk.

Libyan blogger imprisoned

Arrested Libyan blogger Abdel Raziq al-Mansuri is being beautified.

CAIRO, Egypt - Libya has sent to prison for 18 months a blogger who criticized the government on the Internet, Human Rights Watch says in a report that inspired a series of Web tributes to the dissident Friday more.

Read blog ordinations. Read mainstream reports.

Abdolkarim Nabil Seliman Update

More Egyptian Embassy emails from Olivebranch:




United States of America:
[that one took some searching]

Egypt in UN:

Decorative trimmings for your blog: Fayrouz.

Mainstream coverage: ptpnet and cnet and, erm, pardon my english.

  • Moroccan king pardons 1,111 people for Eid.
  • Emir H H Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani pardons some.
  • Malawi president Bingu wa Mutharika reprieves 803.
  • Even the infidel and monstrous apparatus jackbooting around in Iraq released 500 prisoners from Abu Ghraib this week.
Does Egyptian PR realise, I wonder, that they are creating a blog hero and martyr by detaining a critic at this time of month and year. The blogsphere, for all it's vibrant diversity, is filled with willfull obstinance. Some find solace in intractable pessimism, others like mules insist on green pasture. All take pride in their falls. An arrest for a blogger is nothing short of sainthood.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Google blindspot

Was just looking about to see to see if anyone'd created a petition for Abdolkarim Nabil Seliman, and noticed a few things.

  • Google searching "Abdolkarim Nabil Seliman" returns 0 on the main page, and2 on google news.

  • Searching "Abdolkarim Nabil Seliman" with bloggers blog search tool returns 17 results.

  • Searching "Abdolkarim Nabil Seliman" with technorati returns 22 results. All blogs.

Thankfully two semi-mainstream sites picked up on it, otherwise the detention of Egyptian blogger Abdolkarim (Kareem Amer) would be entirely invisible to english readers on the number one world's most used search engine. I dislike google's segregation of blogs for this reason alone. If google wants to create filters, an improvement might be a "blog" option on the main google search page next to the "images" "groups" and "news" options.

Google do you hear me. Visibility helps a bunch. I'm not whinging about fame, I'm talking about burying human rights abuse for the sake of the dollar.

Am still looking to see what's happening in the petition department, and what the human rights situation is on dealing with blogger detentions in Egypt. So far the response seems to be: provide information, get the story out rationally. In the meantime ihath has supplied Egyptian embassy addresses.

I'm in an awful quandary about posting this, Hassan's Eid gift is receding slowly into the archives.

Another piece of history

New blog: Iraqi Texts نصوص عراقية

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Emergency, arrest

Another blogger has gone and got arrested, which is a total nuisance because it means I have to post on top of Hassan's historical retrospective. Still, this cannot be swept under the carpet. See Committee to Protect Bloggers for more info. Some of you probably know this guy. Watch ctpb for updates and petitions.

Abdolkarim Nabil Seliman, if you get out, you have a big mouth. Still, that does not warrant arrest and I will defend your right to be a PITA undisturbed as long as I may live.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Iraqi Bloggers: From Pax to Sanyora

     It took me some time to put this up. This is the journey the Iraqi bloggers made ever since Salam Pax first signed in blogger on June 2002 until the day I write this post.


     I can't find a blog that was started anytime close to this date by Pax. But it seems that Raed Jarrar is an old timer too. Joined blogger on December 2002 and probably started the Original Iraqi Blog: Dear Raed (Where is Raed). Year 2002 ended with only two Iraqi bloggers in the Sphere.

     One year after Pax entered the Sphere G joins it. But stops blogging mysteriously on September the same year. May 2003, a blogger named Jalloul creates a series of blogs in English, Arabic, French and Swedish .On July 2003 Nawar starts blogging, he too stopped mysteriously after one month of blogging. The Sphere gets a lot more interesting when on August 2003 the famous Riverbend joins the journey. She still blogs to this day. Ironic thing is that on her first post she says :"So this is the beginning for me, I guess. I never thought I'd start my own weblog... All I could think, every time I wanted to start one was "but who will read it?" I guess I've got nothing to lose". If only she knew how famous she was going to turn out to be.

On October that same year Zeyad starts blogging. He blogs to this day, barley. He too on his first post didn't expect what this was going to turn out to be. He said "Unfortunately, there haven't been enough Iraqis running weblogs lately. There are only five of them as far as I know. I took it upon myself to start a weblog and introduce other Iraqis to this new (to us at least) and exciting world". There are 170 Iraqi blogs now according the Blog Count. Guess your mission has been accomplished Zeyad.

Fayrouz and Ihath join on October too, Fayrouz creates another blog called Fay's Catholic Thoughts on August 2004, which she still blogs on, a third blog she created is called Fayrouz Break Room which was started one month before the previous one, on July 2004, and she is still blogging on it. Then Ihath creates another blog, of which she blogs on it in Arabic. Another Iraqi blogger joins on October, Fadhil is the first Iraqi blogger to start blogging all time in Arabic. A few weeks later, he creates another blog, but he hasn't posted on it since May 2004. Still blogs to this moment on his original blog. Then he creates another blog on July 2005, makes his last post on it on September 2005. Then the first Iraqi Kurdish blogger Kurdo starts blogging on October too, marking the entrance of Kurdish bloggers to the sphere.Alaa, Ays, Hammorabi and Nabil all start blogging on November 2003. Still posting to this day. Andy and Firas both start on November too but Andy stops on April 2004 and Firas stops on March 2005. Although Andy creates another blog of which he still blogs on it to this day.

November just keeps getting more exciting as the first one of the ITM brothers, Omar joins the blogsphere and start Iraq The Model. Ali makes his first post from Omar's account on December 2003. He ends the post by saying "By Ali". Mohammad uses the same method a few days later to begin posting from Omar's account himself, and posts his first post a welcome to the new year. Right now, Omar and Mohammad still blog at Iraq The Model, separate accounts for each one. While Ali has started his own blog on December 2004, he had made his last post on August 2005, but he mentioned he was going to be away for a couple of months, so we don't know if he had stopped or not. Maybe not.

December 2003 Wild Fire or Jo starts blogging, hes blog is a weird blog, and it took some time to figure out her first post. On December too, the Jarrars family is all blogging. Raed starts the family blog. Majid is the first one to write on it, however he waits another two months untill it is February 2004 to start his own blog. Khalid on the other hand, starts blogging on his own blog on December 9 before he starts blogging on the family blog on December 20. But Khalid creates another blog on April 2005, doesn't blog on it any more than the end of the month. Faiza starts blogging on the family blog one day after Khalid on December 21. She doesn't have a personal blog but posts usually to the family blog. Raed, Khalid and Faiza are still blogging to this day. Majid stopped on March 2005.

Alaasmary started blogging on December 2003 but he stopped on January 2005.

Year 2003 ends, with 22 Iraqi bloggers on the web. This day only 15 of them still blogging, while most of the others quit a long time ago.

On 2004 Iraqi bloggers went rising in numbers so fast it was hard to track them all. But it seems that the first new Iraqi blogger of the year 2004 is U who starts blogging on the first day of the new year. Hadn't posted since June 2005.Liminal starts blogging on January 6 2004. He is still writing to this day but less frequently. January 26 is the date O first began blogging. But he stops at May 2005. ZZ starts blogging on January 2004, with a very moving post that was written in memory of his beloved father. He still blogs. On the same month January 2004, he creates another blog but he hasn't blogged on it since September 2005,

The largest Iraqi blogging family is introduced to blogger when on January 2004 my uncle Ahmad Kharrufa started blogging. Although he had stopped on May 2005, but the flag has been carried. Najma joined on June 2004, and is still blogging to this day. Raghda started on July the same year, she is still blogging to this day. Dalia starts blogging on July too, but she hadn't posted since August 2005.HNK starts on July too, and is still blogging to this day. Rose Ahmad's wife, starts on August 2004, her last post was made on September 2005. Kais started blogging January 2005, but he blogged rarely, and has not posted since June. Dr.Truth Teller joins on January too, and is still blogging to this day. February 2005 is the date Hassan Kharrufa (myself) joins the community. You are reading a post I have written, so I'm still blogging to this day. Sunshine starts on April 2005, and is still blogging to this day. The latest family member to joins the blogsphere isEmotions who starts blogging on July 2005, and is still blogging.

Abbas starts on February 2004, he is still blogging. Abu Hadi starts blogging on March but stops on April the same year. March 2004 Faiza starts a new Jarrars blog, she makes most of the posts, but she stops writing on it on October 2004. Ahmad is the fastest multi-post Iraqi blogger to quit blogging, he blogged for only ten days from April 16 to April 26.

Baghdadi starts blogging on April 2004, and stops on June the same year. Tareek starts on April 2004 too, he still posts. March 2004 Suha starts blogging. Though her name was a mystery at first, as there was no profile or anything whatsoever as to who created the blog. But A little digging up revealed her name. She stopped blogging on May 2005. . Ayad started blogging on March too. But he hadn't posted since April. Then Happy Bushra starts his first blog on this month, he still blogs on it this day. He creates his Second Blog on September 2004, it seems that it is mainly a pictures blog, the last post on it is dated April 2005.

May 2004, Abu Khaleel joins the group and is blogging to this day. Abu Khaleel himself started five other blogs which he writes in them sometimes. Rapid Democracy in Iraq, Meethaq for Iraq, A Glimpse of Iraq, Us Mistaked in Iraq and Disgrunted Americans

Shaggy chooses this month to start blogging too, and he has kept on blogging ever since.Hala Fattah posts for the first time on May 2004, but her last post was on September the same year. Reading her Profile, she seems like a very educated person. IRAQ makes his first post on May 2004, a very funny one indeed. But he hadn't posted since August 2005.

As June 2004 comes, Ibn_Alrafidain writes his first post. He seems to be still blogging. On the last day of June 2004, Sara starts blogging. While Ferid starts a couple of weeks later. Sara is still on the blogs, while Ferid has made his last post on August 2005. Maas starts on July too, but it seems that she was shy at the beginning, as her first posts were pictures only, it is August 2004 when she makes her first text-only post, still posting to this day. On the same month, IraqPundit begins blogging, and continues to blog to this day.

Ali Mohamed starts on August 2004, his first post is an Email Me post. Second post is a 32 pictures post. He continues to blog by photos. He stops at the end of the month. But he comes back on May 2005 to post a welcoming post!!. Neurotic Iraqi Wife starts on August. This day she is working in the Green Zone, so her posts are very infrequent, but she doesn't seem like quitting. The Pin Cushion is a one post blogger, his post was made on August 2004. While 13 or more known as Anarki, starts on August too, but unlike The Pin Cushion, he still blogs. Ibrahim Khalil makes his Intoduction on August 2004. Last post on February 2005. Maitham joins on August too, but his last post was made on October 2004. August 2004 is the starting date of Nancy as she wrote her first post on this month, she kept on blogging since that time.

Downfall first blogs on the first day of September 2004. But stops on June 2005. Othman is a one post blogger too, he makes his post on September 2004. PuRGaToR starts blogging on this month too. Then on December 2004 he creates another blog which he mostly posted photos at, he stops blogging on both sites on January 2005.

October 2004, Sami first posts, he doesn't look to be posting anymore, his last post was on October 5. Iraq Humanity starts blogging on the same month. His last post was made on August 2005. On November 2004 Black Eagle starts blogging, and has not stopped since then.

December 2004, the year is about to end as Husayn joins the blogsphere. Last post made on July 2005. Imad Khadduri, A Free Writer and The Iraqi all start blogging on December 2004, and continuous to blog now. Another blogger who is not interested in politics join the sphere on this month, Nameer nooon chooses this month to blog, he blogs mostly in pictures away from politics. Then a group of ChaldoAssyrian Christians created another blog, which they are still posting on to the moment. Najeeb Hanoudi starts blogging on this month too, he kept on blogging ever since. Sahil begins to blog on this month too, he is still blogging at the moment.

Year 2004 ends. 46 Iraqi bloggers has joined the blogsphere, only 22 of them are still bloging today. So that makes a sum of 66 Iraqi bloggers to join the sphere since June 2002. Right now 37 of them are blogging.

Here comes year 2005. The first blogger of this year, is a rather funny blogger. Dog of a Son makes his first entry on the first day of the new year. He blogs to this day. Duraid makes his first post on this month too, but he hadn't posted since April 2005. Although he had created another blog on February 2005, but he had stopped blogging on it on June the same year. January 12, Ishtarria starts blogging, and she is still posting. The Grandson too chooses January 2005 to begin blogging, and he keeps blogging at the moment. Then another Iraqi non-politics blogger begins blogging on this month too, Alfil is a cinema interested blogger, and he hadn't bloged anything else since that date. He keeps on blogging now.

Then comes Zan, who seems to be creating blogs more than he is posting. His first and main blog is started on January 2005, but the last post on it was on April 2005. Second blog was made on January 2005 too, but doesn't get beyond the month. Third blog is created on February 2005, but the last post was also on April 2005. Fourth and Fifth were both March 2005 exclusive. On February 2005 Mark Tuma started blogging and kept on blogging ever since.

On March 2005, Najma creates a Family Blog in an attempt to persuade her mother to blog, her mother started blogging on it, but made her last post on April 2005. Another all time Arabic blogger joined the sphere on this month too, Tara who is fully capable of understanding English chooses not to blog in anything but Arabic. A nice blogger starts blogging on March 2005, Vahal Abdulrahman blogs in the form of letters sent to Baghdad. He sends his last letter in a very moving post.

A weird and later hated-from-Arabs blogger started blogging on April 2005, The Iraqi Mistress does not get beyond May 2005. Narsay is another one month Iraqi blogger, he posts only on April 2005. Which is the starting month of S.R.Z, while her stopping date is on May 2005. Akba writes his first post on this month too, he doesn't seem to be blogging anymore, as his last post was made on October 19 2005. Wafaa' begins blogging on April 2005, she still blogs this day. soon joins on April 2005 too, and he is still posting to this day. On April 2005, Haneen starts and kept on ever since. Then on October 2005 Haneen creates a blog titled Photos From Iraq which she blogs on it in photos, and offers any other Iraqi to put pictures on it.

May 2005 comes with another blogger, as انا استرالي joins the sphere on it. His last post was on August 2005. It seems that a site named Niqash starts hosting blogs on this month. As many bloggers start blogging on it. Iraqi Diaries in English, Abbas, Abdul Muhsin, Sheymaa, Iraqi Diaries in Arabic, Naseer, Tayseer, Yaseen, Al-Shmius Media Network, Avin, Ihsan and Niqash Press Blog all start their blogs on it. Iraqi Diaries in English start on June 2005, and the last post is made on August 2005. Abbas and Abdul Muhsin only blog on June 2005. Shymaa blogs only from June 2005 to July 2005. Iraqi Diaries in Arabic blogs from June 2005 and is still on the blogs. Nasser and Tayseer blog only on July 2005. Yaseen blogs from July 2005 to October 2005. Al-Shmius Media Network blogs only on July 2005. Avin and Ihsan who are Kurdish bloggers blog from June 2005 to October 2005. While Niqash Press Blogs starts from July 2005, and still blogs to this day.

Al-Shekhili posts only twice on July 2005, and quits after that. 3yOoN_BaGhDaDiA starts blogging on this month, and she is still blogging at the moment. Then The Iraqi Roulette starts on July 2005 and is still blogging. The Little Snippet starts on the last day of this month. He is still blogging at the moment. The Kid Himself starts blogging on the end of July 2005. He has kept on blogging ever since

Hassan Blasim makes a single post on August 2005. Truth About Iraqis joins on the same month, and is still blogging till now. Another one post blogger joins the sphere on August 2005, Sami blogs his single post on this month. Treasure of Baghdad joins on this month too and he is still blogging. 24 Steps to Liberty is too a blogger who joins on August 2005 and continuous to blog.

Another weird blogger chooses to start blogging on September 2005. Caesar of Pentra is still blogging since that date. Another one post blogger is Security who posts his single post on September 2005. Alaa chooses this month as a date, and the children of Iraq as a subject to blog about. He kept on blogging to this day. Attawie joins the blogsphere on this month too, and he is still blogging to this date. Micho La Jolie Fille is a blogger who demonstrate her skills in Arabic, English and French in her posts, she is still posting at the moment. The last Iraqi blogger to join the blogsphere is apparently Sanyora who joins the blogsphere on October 17 2005.

On the date of the last update of this post, which is November 3 2005. Year 2005 has witnessed 46 new Iraqi bloggers so far. Right now 22 of them are still blogging. The total sum of the Iraqi bloggers to join the blogsphere since Pax first signed in on June 2002 is 112, of those there are only 59 active right now.

Looking for a certain blogger??. Don't try to read the whole post looking for a certain blogger, if you find him then you are very lucky, this post is very long and you could easily slip past a blogger or two, I recommend using the search tool in you browser to find the blogger you want. Search for bloggers not blogs and the name of blogs are sometimes not mentioned. If you still can't find a certain blogger drop me a comment, I will find him for you. Finally I would like to say that this post should be considered a biography for all Iraqi bloggers, and I'm presenting it as a gift to the Iraqi Bloggers for the Eid Al-Feter of the year 2005.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Feel like I should post. It's been almost two years. Perhaps I owe something, perhaps a truth or two. Perhaps something of myself in exchange for every blogger whose ever blogged before. You know, like how where Jodie Foster exposes her vulnerabilities - except with hopefully less silenced lambs. Bad joke, rotten metaphor, sorry.

So an answer perhaps. You may or may not recognise the question.

"What's in it for you, emigre, this blog-counting?"

It would be untruthful to say no diarist ever started without an ulterior motive. Oh yes I had them. And how pure those motives seemed, virtuous. What, leave blog-linking to the self proclaimed "war bloggers"? Ga no, thought I. Ga no, why, I shall link in the name of peace and free-speech! Fight I shall! Neutrally! Courageously! Without weapons! With words! Oh cutting blade, how righteous the pen (yes, I still ballpoint stuff at times. Generally on the backs of old receipts and recycled printer paper). What a battle shall be waged! And how fearless shall I be, speaking truths and outing blogs and inspiring and egging on and logging the unloggable and generally you know, being brave from here behind my pseudonym requiping things that other people think up (always acknowledging sources and cleverly collaging quotes). An all inclusive list of blogs! Thought I. Oh how compelling, that there ought be a blog count. A blog count of diversity! The pro-war linked by no-war (and hopefully vice versa). Surely peace cannot help but spring out across the bridges that surely will be engineered!

But now? Well now I have nothing to prove. Peace cannot be proven, just as war cannot. It's blindingly obvious to anyone with an eye on history that no war is ever just, in that no war is exempt from atrocity. Blindingly obvious that dictators and weak leaders prop themselves up with war, having no other means to convince a population. Despots choose rule by fear, there is no secret in that. And it is equally obvious that people find peace at their own pace. Peace cannot be forced, coerced, artificially replicated or converted into poster boys and pin-up girls. Peace is no rivulet wearing away stone, tempting as it is to believe so. Nor is peace chipped off shoulders or even from old blocks. Peace is not an acronym. So many things peace is not! Is peace an absence then? Of troops perhaps? Well maybe, except that even troop withdrawal is a superficial solution and fails to address the creation of armies and the bodies that will remain long after official forces have shipped out.

Oh well. There you have it, a piece of my mind. I guess I will stick about anyway.

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