Friday, May 25, 2007

Metal Documentary and more blogs

Check the sidebar for this three-shot of blog additions, arranged by order of discovery:

1. Sheko Mako: The recent trend of Iraqi blogs tend be more social than political, this pleasant blog discusses everything from rock music to Iraqi social glimpses, recent posts include attending a Pink Floyd concert, and an Arabic-language post about the tribulations of a small child.
2. Ashoury: This one is a little different and it's a shame that it is not in English. It is written from a French by a Christian Assyrian and it focuses on the p
3. VBS Documentary: A very cool documentary about the only Iraqi heavy metal band's Accrasscida's relative ups and downs, three parts, the first about the show's producers travels into Iraq and their sights and seeings of the country, the second is about the history of the band in Iraq, and the final about their reunion in Syria and the recording of a demo...the good thing is that it is a VLOG, Hometown Baghdad eat yer heart out! :)

Friday, May 04, 2007

Most Sectarain Blog Ever

You know, as much as our blogosphere has a lot of agressive opinions, there has never been someone who is explicit and brazen about his sectarain inclinations, this is where we were hugely lacking in my opinion because this sort of opinion is bascially present with a considerable portion of Iraqis. We are not all so nice and to prove that you can simply take a look at our homeland, al-Shaqawa (which translates into 'The Malignanace') must have felt the same way too, or he doesn't care. His blog isn't coy like Riverbend, nor trying to sound journalistically-neutral like Zeyad, nor is he a reasonable political analyst like ITM, he is an angry, vulgar, simplistic piece of sectarain hatred that is raw and unprocessed. I must say that his viewpoints reflect a nice deal of the Iraqi society today and its voice must be also heard, no matter how rotten and bad it is. So that you understand how bad really is the sectarain tensions are escalating in every family of Iraq right now.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Great Baghdad

"Hi, since I'm a journalist and also a resident of war torn Iraq. and since I have been seeing lots of things which I feel allegiant to the city which I was born, raised and grown loving, that Is Baghdad. I decided to put down my thoughts and sightings of what is going on in Iraq in General and Baghdad in particular . hope you will be able to see Baghdad through the eyes of some one who consider him self to be one among millions of Baghdad's Lovers."

or so says Al-Rasheed Capital, a 32-yr old journalist with thoughts ranging from plastic date-palms:

to Iraqi PM Nuri al-Maliki:

(who by the way yesterday looked VERY snazzy sans his stubble. oh and did you guys/gals see Solagh's makeover? IMPRESSIVE!)

so anyway, credit for the find goes to BT. Dang. seems he and i both copied the same quote-block. i'm too lazy to change it now..

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