Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I am writing this blog to explain what a typical Iraqi woman goes through in her daily life , and to comment on both social and political circumstances the country is going through .
So starts Iraqiya76, an Iraqi woman who works for a government ministry. Already at 3 posts and this blog is becoming something for essential reading...
....I want to be able to come to work and think of something other than " oh no it might explode here or maybe there ....who is gonna take care of my daughter if I die? " ever since an explosion took place near where we were driving ...and when I say close I mean really close maybe like 40 meters away its a miracle we made it if the driver had gone a few meters closer I wouldnt be here now ! please I want to be able to think of something else other than this something like work like a vacation like what im gonna make for lunch ....the constant feeling that I have is will I MAKE IT HOME ALIVE !!! I just wish that the day where I dont have to worry about these things will come soon !
keep on blogging Iraqiya!

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