Saturday, November 22, 2003

Today In Iraq Doesn't seem to be from Iraq. The postee goes by the name yankeedoodle. Where ever it is from, there is quite a bit of info posted here regularly.

Friday, November 21, 2003

These letters are from an anonymous soldier Does he have a blog as well? Dont know but will try to find out. These letters were published at Punk Planet

The Devil Inside:Baghdad After the Fall by Jeff Guntzel Also found at Punk Planet.

Kevin Sites A journalist blogging from Iraq. Beautiful photography in ugly situations.

Iraq Occupation Watch Added this to the reference links in the sidebar today.

Common Dreams Headline ...and meanwhile, in London...

Regime-building is the central challenge of our time, but surprisingly little is known about how to do so successfully. A Truth Out editorial by Stephen D. Krasner

Thursday, November 20, 2003

Live From Dallas This is the blog of an Iraqi woman who lives in the US. Hesitated before counting this one, as it isn't blogged from Iraq. This is yet another perspective and also the persepective of an Iraqi woman.

Iraq The Model Another new one.

New Today: 2
Total: 15

Have been wondering about including in the count overseas journalists blogging from Iraq. My original intention was to record the *new* blogs of people just beginning to exercise their opinions internationally.

Not quite sure what my decision is on this yet. Maybe, if i find more journalists blogs i will begin another heading for them ~ as with Some Soldiers Blogs. At the moment i'm only tallying the blogs in the Iraq Blogs links.

Sunday, November 16, 2003

Aha! 'been looking for one of these for a while; Arabic Translation tool;

Ajeeb Translation

Baghdadee *New* Iraq bilingual blog (the second Iraq bilingu-blog after Ishtar Talking)

New Today: 1
Total: 13

Hammorabi has been modified... *animations*

Saturday, November 15, 2003

ok, the shoutbox is good now, thanks sorez @ Active Topic

Friday, November 14, 2003

technically inept...

if anyone passes by, apologies but i'm trying to fix up the way that shoutbox in the sidebar is poking out a bit funny to the left, if you know how it could be fixed, please shout!


Very simple and technically primitive. Every time i happen across a new blog that appears to be from Iraq i will add it to the sidebar links and count it here in the post.

Total today: 12

Brewing for quite some time, emigre senses an explosion of noise on the verge of eruption...the blogstorm is reaching Iraq. One at a time, typists begin to whisper at keyboards, screens begin to briefly flare. If you listen you can hear these voices, the anguish, the technical difficulties, and voices of support, of debate, from around the world.

I do not believe that military might has bought these people freedom of speech, and I wonder that this may have happened eventually anyway, in a different perhaps more desperate and fearful way, under the regime of Saddam.

I do not verify the sources of these blogs. I do not agree with or even endorse the content. I simply count.

I am aware that at this point these are also the voices of people who have internet access, and that there must be many people in Iraq just struggling to survive who have not the means or even the inclination to write.

I am not counting soldiers blogs, although links to many of these can be found in Iraq blogs. Soldiers blogs are another phenomena in themselves, and I think there are many more then I could even begin to count alone. I have read only a few of these - my impression overwhelmingly is of a lost people, some quite clear - they aim only to get back to normality, others confused and dealing with contradictions that I would wish on no-one. Soldiers and military blogs seem to be two distinctly different types. The military blog strikes one immediately as a morale boosting propaganda campaign, while soldiers blogs are more like lone voices in the dark. Some of the most forthright anti-war sentiments are voiced in soldiers blogs. I would be unsurprised if over time more blogs from disenchanted ex-service people appear.

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