Friday, February 23, 2007


When you have been forced to leave your homeland what do you do? You blog of course. BlogIraq misses Iraq but he does not miss the violence. He writes:
Being away from Iraq has many good points, like the ability to breath. In Iraq, things have got to the point where you become scared of the air you breathe. ...

I don't know how to fell. I fell glad for being away from this. And I fell sad for being away from my country. I miss all the happy days back home. I miss my my family,college, my friends, and practically everything. Some times I just strongly wish that all this was just a dream. A bad bad dream. And I will wake up the very same Thursday, March 20th, 2003, and there is no war and non of this happened.

How would you feel if you were in my place ?

He also has found the first Google office in Baghdad so expect some fun news on his blog.


Monday, February 19, 2007

Iraq The Lasting Love ~~ ~~ العراق... اسميك المحبة

New blog by MixMax, actually a Photo Blog 3 posts strong so far, and as the author says:

"History tells the world about Iraq and the determination of its people, these beautiful souls, which kept on living and sharing harmony among each other despite everything they faced. People who built and rebuilt, set example of strength, intelligence, inspiration and love. However, they kept their lasting love, Iraq, alive and beautiful all around the years... The pictures and stories here is a living proof"

there you go, need i say more?
:) give it a whirl, you'll like it.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

A red Light in the afternoon

I'm porting an entire post here from new blogger The Red @ At World's End. sorry but i really thought this was worth reading:

I know I should be writing my thesis instead of blogging but I just don't feel like it. Don't know if I would finish my project or not, all I know that I should not quit because I'm no quitter.

Any way, I think that there is to much to say about the Iraqis situation outside their country, especially in Jordan.

Today I was in a cab going to place called Swaifiah, we stopped for a red light and a newspaper seller came out of no where begging us to buy one. I knew that he was an Iraqi immigrant from his accent, seeing the condition he was in and the way he begged for anybody to buy something from him made me shiver. I had to give him some money, after all we Iraqis should help each other till the black clouds surrounding our country pass. I gave him some money and told him that it was a gift and I don't need a news paper. The guy looked at me and threw back my money which was more than enough to buy a dozen of his newspapers, he told me that he's no begger and that I should keep my money if I don't want to buy something.

In Iraq this kind of thing almost never happens, it never happened to me, and to see the guys shape as if he hadn't eaten anything for days and the condition of his clothes and still having this kind of pride after all the things we've been through and knowing that things might get even worse and still keeping our pride and dignity made me proud that I'm an Iraqi citizen, I wanted to go out in the street and shout it out loud. I got hold of my self and kept quite knowing that doing such things would get me into more troubles that I already have.

Some might wonder why a guy would leave his own country and wander in a foreign city selling papers, gum and cigarettes. My answer to you is "Watch the friggin news!!!".

After all that being said I should go back to my work and I want you guys to pray for all of us that maybe one day we'll get back home.


please, post any comments on Red's blog. thank you :)


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The End is Nigh..

or at least its damn close.
So says the Iraqi college student blogging from Jordan known as The Red .

"Many threats surrounds us nowadays and we all just sitting here waiting for our fate.
Just what are we waiting for thats the question that been bothering me for quite a while now.
Did we gave up hope? Are we waiting for someone or something to take us out of our misery? or are we just satisfied to were our action has taken us? and is there a way to go back and fix the mistakes that we've made?
Put a big question mark after the last one, too many question and no one got the answer to any one of them.

These days we lie to each other, talking behind our best friends back, steal for fun, and sometimes even kill for fun. What are we trying to achieve? and what are we getting from doing all that, the answer is NOTHING.

How to make this world a better place to live? anybody got an idea?

Now why am I asking too many questions that I know no one can answer and moreover why am I doing it on my first post?
I really donno, maybe I got bored of this life and maybe I got sick of hearing the same bullshit everyday, the excuses and justification of wars, pollution, poverty and diseases that surround us.
The ones that we hear about in the news and never raise our voice against it.
maybe thats why, or maybe I just have a really bad fever and needs to go to sleep right now.... well think I should GO to bed, its 4 am damn it."

well, like the man said, bolt down your shutters, and grab on to your socks. we are at world's end!

check him out At World's End.

latest addition to the Blogosphere, found this just 10 minutes ago, and due to me having a headache the size of Mosul, i decided to copy-paste Red's first post instead. much more better than anything i could have ever done.
now where is the freaking tylenol?


Sunday, February 11, 2007

A Baghdad Artist

Beauty is more than skin deep as this blog shows. Baghdad Artist blogs his/her art. And beauty is not only in the eye but in the thoughts as you can see from this quote:
Women are constantly challenged in this new Iraq. Awaiting their moment of peace, struggling to raise children while nurturing a family, maintaining a pulse within a war torn country, all of this and more strains the essence of feminity, quells the aspirations for civil rights and leaves hope suspended. And in this land, life continues against the greatest of odds. Simply, these paintings delicately touch the image of women within a frontier of unknown limits and unknown ends.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Mosul Is in Heart

A blog from Mosul, written by an ambitious young communication engineer working at the University of Mosul/Electronic Engineering College/Communication Engineering Department.. right, exactly where I study.

It's all about his life in Mosul, his experiences in college, his ups and downs, and lately his trials to get a visa and study in Germany.

He likes photography, and he has another blog in which he posts some of the photos he takes (My Photo Gallery).

Needless to say, the fact that this guy works on the same floor where my class is and gives me tutorials in Electromagnetic made me immediately a follower of his blog, but I was evil enough to keep him from my readers fearing he would discover my blog.. And now that I know that he knows about my blog, and he knows that I know about his (I will spare you from hearing the long story of how this happened), I can finally announce yet another blog from Mosul, and surprisingly enough, not written by a relative of mine!


Friday, February 02, 2007

New Iraqi Blogs

Hey folks....

Welcome back to the wonderfully placid world of counting Iraqi blogs, I have added 8 new blogs (all found by me) to the sidebar. They include:

1. Semiramis : Another Iraqi blogger-reviewer, we'll have to see if she is as 'neutral' as the ones before her.

2. Nadia N : Has two blogs: Rednecks on Ice for her trivalities, and Leaving Iraq for her more serious-minded politics, possibly her name is Hassibah. (which indeed is kinda funny).

3. Ahmed al-Katib: Arabic-language maktoob blog for formerly Shia but now a hybrid of Shia-Sunni writer, he frequently appeared on TV stations. His book is also worth checking out. It's also nice to know that his blood his been spilt by Shia clergymen (meaning: it's okay to kill him a la Salman Rushdie)

4. Iraqi Medic, Through My Eyes, One Red Devil & Endless Dreamer: All personal Iraqi blogs without any heavy-dose political opinions. Mostly day-to-day life and occasional poetry, check them out to know more.

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