Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ishtar, Crosseyed Ant, Rassid, S6efan, Aziz Hijjiya (4 Arabic, 1 English)

* Notorious Kitabat writer, self-proclaimed 'Saddamist' and mass grave-denier Ishtar al-Iraqiya adopts the blog format to publish her writings. (Arabic)

* A rather interesting, light-hearted blog is 'Namla 7ola', at first it was hard (in a good way) to fathom who is the person behind this blog, as it had a strange narrative, a 'cross-eyed ant' recounting the social misadventures of a yer run-of-the-mill Iraqi young man, the ant device seems unexplored other than for the cutesy element, which is strange but after a few days the mystery is resolved when the writer decides to tell us a little more about herself:

As someone that had left Iraq years ago, and as a girl whose life-style and experiences vary from those of a guy, I heavily rely on old recounts by siblings and relatives pertaining to their Baghdad-habits, as well as stories told by various friends and net-users as a source of inspiration for the haps and mishaps of Choo8i's life under the current situation in Iraq. Iraqi slang is often used to express certain things and notions as opposed to their English counterparts, just for a firmer bond to the daily life of your average Iraqi youth, down to his manner of speech.

The purpose? The net is full of angry bloggers, appeased bloggers, support and opposition to this party and that public figure. Your average Joe, Choo8i, represents the overlooked part of society where people live the day attempting at as much a taste of normalcy as circumstances would allow, not wasting precious time over futile political debates.

Another blog that's been lying around for a while is al-Rassid, it doesn't take a lot of guessing to figure out the political orientation for this blog:  

منظمة مجتمع مدني تعنى برصد جرائم الاحتلال الاميركي والايراني في العراق وجرائم الميلشيات الصفوية الشيعية والكردية وكل القوى التي لا تؤمن بالعراق الواحد

A strongly anti-Wahhabi prolific blog is Stefan, while it carries many signature Shi'i terminology, it seems to have been written by a secular atheist:

الاسم : سطيفان ابن ابي نعل النجدي السلفي ( رضي الله عني )- التحصيل العلمي : بكلوريوس جهاد من الجامعه الوهابيه في المهلكه السعوديه حاصل على الدكتوراه في فن الذبح على الطريقه الجهاديه من معهد افغانستان العالمي للنحر و التشويه والدتي كانت تساعد المجاهدين في الشيشان حيث انها تعمل كشرموطه يقصدها الروس فينقض عليهم المجاهدون و هم في فراشها والدي لم اعرفه ابدا قالت لي والدتي انه استشهد قبل ان يتزوجها سميت ب سطيفان نسبة الى خلقي الحسن و اخلاقي العاليه سنة الولاده :5480 هجريه ( التعامل بالميلادي حرام ) متزوج من 12 زوجه و لدي 416 ابنا و بنتا كلهم مجاهدون انشاء عبد الوهاب شعاري في الحياة : انكح تنكح

On a different note, Baghdadiat Aziz al-Hijjiya, written by Lina Aziz al-Hijjiya, sets out to publish the writings of Aziz al-Hijjiya, which is concerned with narrating the style of life and customs in early 20th century Baghdad:
بغداديات لتصوير الحياة والعادات قبل مائة عام . تراثيات بغدادية تبحث في الحياة البغدادية القديمة حسب رؤية الشخصية البغدادية التراثية عزيز الحجية

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