Friday, May 16, 2008

Good Blogs

I've been laughing a lot during my blog-hunting these days, mostly due to:


Ahmed Khalaf al-Musawi is an Iraqi atheist from a southern Shi'i background, who is well known in the Arab online atheist community as some sort of a godfather, his writings have a style that I daresay would rival Shalash al-Iraqi's in quality, his style is unique: complete disregard of punctuation that gives an impression of a classical Arabic book, complete ignorance of spelling, and a very flowing narrative filled with an extraordinarily surreal sense of words.

It somehow seems to me that Iraqi Atheists are the largest of all the Arab atheist communities, well, after what's going on in Iraq, who could blame them.

أرشيف طالب عجوزي Diaries of a Lazyass Student [Arabic]

a rather typical Iraqi blog for a college student in his early twenties, except that he can be extremely funny. don't miss احداث فتحت لاصحابها بوابة...الاردن

Less funny but more in the vein of mainstream Iraqi blogs is the serious and brooding is Baghdad Kassakhon [Storyteller], written by a journalist living in Baghdad.

Iraqi Interpreter
is a great blog written live from where the action is by a 20-year-old Iraqi interpreter, giving us a much needed firsthand insight in the trials and tribulations of Iraqi interpreters, he is honest, angry and we get to watch him toughened by his life experiences.

Sunday, May 11, 2008


A new blog by two new bloggers: Surreal and Ammar Kanno.


I was born here where am living now! in the eighth of May 1986, my name is..., its not important, "silliest things we hold are our names" NIZAR QABANI

I know him and I'm telling you, he's one humorous, helpful and intelligent man, and he looks very good in his black suit, red shirt and red tie that he wore to his graduation party! :)

Ammar Kanno:

"A very ordinary man..."

..whom I do not know.. but he seems to have such a talent as a poet.

They have very recently started to blog and so there's no telling how the blog is going to turn out.. Hopefully however, it's going to last as long as they can breathe!
That's what you told me Surreal and I'm not going to forget it ;)



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