Saturday, April 08, 2006

Two new blogs

A new blog by a British born and bred, with mixed iraqi-iranian background.
Eisa Ali, in his blog: Pray 4 Iraq, focuses on Iraq, Islam, and issues affecting the whole world everyday.

Also: Zappy -34 year old Male living in Baghdad who loves Marmite, Sea food, hates Green Veggies and stupid questions- started a blog called: Where Date Palms grow:
This is my first Post "on this Blog" the occasion is simply the 7th of April, a new beginning for me, see.. Three years ago I was nearly killed with all my family when we were shelled on this same day in 2003 but that's a different story altogether, you can call me Zappy!, I live in Baghdad, Iraq. And this is where I express myself...

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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Day By Day

A new Iraqi blog by Saif Al-Yassen.
I made this blog to talk about my soul "BAGHDAD", Baghdad is my country where i borned in it so i like to talk on every thing happend and will happen bad or good specially these days. but i will not make it news paper i will add every thing nice and funny.................. good luck for me.

Go pay him a visit.

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