Friday, April 17, 2009

New Blogs Again and Again

So many new blogs, we need to hire somebody: 

1. Iraqi Maqam is a different kind of blog, it is nerdily obsessed with classical Iraqi music, and has a well organized YouTube companion that posts on a regular basis. 

2. Khalid from Iraq goes prolific on us with five blogs, which is always bad for us indexing type people ; he seems interested in the Iraqi blogging scene (of sorts) to put up a blog commenting on the best and worst :

3. You know Salam Pax is at it again! this time Wordpress and with the oft-touted moniker: The Baghdad Blogger, blogging anew from Baghdad. He's also the first Iraqi twitterer of sorts. 

4. Noor el Qamar is written by a "young Iraqi Muslim girl living in the US", self-explanatory. 

5. Mhmd of Moo Iraq is a young Iraqi who is just experiencing his home town after living abroad for all his life, he appears to be a friend of Touta's brother. His blog is rather cynical, frank and not yer usual run of the mill. i like.

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