Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Linked post: You owe it to yourself:

now, first of all, i'll point your attention to this experiment in virtue, proposed by KyuBei, in it, he says that instead of talking on and on about good things, why not try DOING them for a change?

now, doing good, is the hardest thing in the world, and its also the most natural thing in the world.

its easier to watch tv than go pray
its easier to hoot and cat-call instead of respecting someone's feelings.
its easier to take 100$ than to give 10$.
its easier to rant blindly than to consider the other's point of view.

yet, have you actually tried doing something good?
you know how it feels?
how do one recognizes a good thing? hah! are you kidding me?

"Do unto others as you wish others do unto you."

i say this over and over and over, but, its sooo much easier to ignore and wave this away as lunatic ravings, than to actually look inside.

You DON'T have to go shout it out in the streets, you DON'T have to go preaching to others, no sir/ma'am! before thinking about telling others, why not tell it to yourself?

what can we do? hmm. so many things, so little time:
1. stop being dishonest.
2. respect yourself, in order to respect others.
3. heyyyy.. you KNOW what to do, you dont need me to tell you!

now, i'm not such a goody-goody two-shoes as i wish i'd be, hell no!
You know you're better than me, right?
ok, then please, show me how!
but more importantly, show yourself how.

give it a shot, you will NOT lose anything, if at the end you still wanna blow it, you will be your old self again, happy and content as you are.

for iraqis (and everyone else as well):
just how many of us, belonging to (group X), have said over and over "i have many friends in (group Y)" but deep down inside, you feel they are not the same?

"oh those rotten Sunnis"
"oh those rotten Shi'as"
"oh those rotten _____"

how many of us have said it in private?

"oh screw you, what do you know? dreamer! they're trying to kills us, you know"

- fine, pick up a weapon (or a pen, your choice), fight back those who fight you.
but let me ask you first: are ALL people in the other group out to get you?

learn to seperate between a rotten apple and a healthy apple-tree.
we have become the very same thing we fear.

"this is fine and dandy on paper, let me see you try it!"

- well, here's the thing: have you tried talking to a wall?
it wont work, i assure you.
i'm not saying go tell it to the next militia-member/zarqawi-boy/power-ranger you meet, cuz you and i both know the result.
i'm not even saying start a chain-letter!

i'm just saying, tell it to YOURself, to YOUR family, YOUR friends.
believe me, every person counts.
and without support, any wall crumbles.

"scoff scoff! you idjut! you're trying to patch a sinking ship!"

- well, its better than just jump overboard and hope for the best.
this way i'm doing something. You're doing something.

hell, don't we all want to become better?
i'm NOT gonna make you better, Kyubei's NOT gonna make you better.
YOU are gonna make yourself better.

this is not going to cost you anything, not money, not effort (physical or mental), not even time. (except maybe time to read it, but hey, if your time was so bloody important, you wouldn't have been browsing blogs in the first place, would you?)


try it.


call @f
sub dword ptr [esp],5 ;where call @f takes five bytes!
invoke Sleep,1000
This is the funniest way I have seen to create an infinite loop in a long time. I thought I was a real programmer until I read bug-code. Buggycoder is a geek's geek. So, if you were secretly wondering how to handle structured exceptions in machine code or enjoy hacking the desktop.scf file or get depressed (yes, seriously) using the stack for data storage, this is the blog for you.

Buggycoder says:
this blog will be dedicated to publish my daily experience in computers ,as you will notice most of the things I discover was just a hobby nothing less nothing more ...

So get thrilled cos I am planning to post things varies from security news,asm,c,scripts,OS tweaks...and alot other stuff some of them will be crucially lame others will be 1337 :lol: .
I can't wait!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Why, Dubai?

Rejected tells us her story of an Iraqi woman as it develops. From starting work in multinational companies in Baghdad after the war to life as a skilled Iraqi exile seeking work in Dubai. The comma in the title is significant. She not answering the question "Why Dubai?", she is asking Dubai "Why?". Why do you reject me? She writes:
Had I been a gypsy dancer, Pilipino escort or Russian club singer, I would have been received in open arms and granted residency in UAE.
being a decent Iraqi hard worker female made me lose my job in UAE and my future.
Why? Maybe we will find the answer maybe not. Its the journey that counts.

Saturday, November 18, 2006


Semi-Death is an Iraqi Heavy Metal/Progressive Metal band currently based in Amman, Jordan. Band members are Ahmed, Ali and Sultan. Their official website is here, and their myspace page is here.

They may be among the last members of the underground heavy metal scene in Iraq to leave the country.

Another Iraqi heavy metal band is Saddam's Family (no blog). They are moderately successful in Finland.

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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Iraqi Blogs on Maktoob

Another unknown community of Iraqi bloggers can be found at Maktoob. There are 477 Iraqi blogs in Arabic on that site.

Maktoob Blogs.

Search for "Iraq" under countries.

Iraqi Atheist

With religious politics creating havoc in Iraq maybe there is another way. Cue Iraqi Atheist. I'll let him introduce himself in his own words:
I will be writing mainly about Religion and Politics but I may sometimes write about current events, my friends and family. I know there will be some communist old generation atheists, but, with all due respect, I don't believe they are authentic atheists, there might be some, but the majority of them, from what I have seen, was simply practicing social hypocrisy "Mujamala in Iraqi". Their time was different and frantically better that this time. I believe that I have achieved a huge thing not getting dragged into the abyss of religion, and I would love to hear from someone like me....

Friday, November 03, 2006

Darbouna دربونه

Karim is a multilingual Iraqi in Switzerland. He posts artistic and journalistic reviews and reflections in Arabic, French and English.

His blog is called Darbouna, an Iraqi name for 'small back alley.'

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Iraqi Mojo

Iraqi Mojo is an Iraqi American posting his memories of Iraq and the U.S.

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