Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Linked post: You owe it to yourself:

now, first of all, i'll point your attention to this experiment in virtue, proposed by KyuBei, in it, he says that instead of talking on and on about good things, why not try DOING them for a change?

now, doing good, is the hardest thing in the world, and its also the most natural thing in the world.

its easier to watch tv than go pray
its easier to hoot and cat-call instead of respecting someone's feelings.
its easier to take 100$ than to give 10$.
its easier to rant blindly than to consider the other's point of view.

yet, have you actually tried doing something good?
you know how it feels?
how do one recognizes a good thing? hah! are you kidding me?

"Do unto others as you wish others do unto you."

i say this over and over and over, but, its sooo much easier to ignore and wave this away as lunatic ravings, than to actually look inside.

You DON'T have to go shout it out in the streets, you DON'T have to go preaching to others, no sir/ma'am! before thinking about telling others, why not tell it to yourself?

what can we do? hmm. so many things, so little time:
1. stop being dishonest.
2. respect yourself, in order to respect others.
3. heyyyy.. you KNOW what to do, you dont need me to tell you!

now, i'm not such a goody-goody two-shoes as i wish i'd be, hell no!
You know you're better than me, right?
ok, then please, show me how!
but more importantly, show yourself how.

give it a shot, you will NOT lose anything, if at the end you still wanna blow it, you will be your old self again, happy and content as you are.

for iraqis (and everyone else as well):
just how many of us, belonging to (group X), have said over and over "i have many friends in (group Y)" but deep down inside, you feel they are not the same?

"oh those rotten Sunnis"
"oh those rotten Shi'as"
"oh those rotten _____"

how many of us have said it in private?

"oh screw you, what do you know? dreamer! they're trying to kills us, you know"

- fine, pick up a weapon (or a pen, your choice), fight back those who fight you.
but let me ask you first: are ALL people in the other group out to get you?

learn to seperate between a rotten apple and a healthy apple-tree.
we have become the very same thing we fear.

"this is fine and dandy on paper, let me see you try it!"

- well, here's the thing: have you tried talking to a wall?
it wont work, i assure you.
i'm not saying go tell it to the next militia-member/zarqawi-boy/power-ranger you meet, cuz you and i both know the result.
i'm not even saying start a chain-letter!

i'm just saying, tell it to YOURself, to YOUR family, YOUR friends.
believe me, every person counts.
and without support, any wall crumbles.

"scoff scoff! you idjut! you're trying to patch a sinking ship!"

- well, its better than just jump overboard and hope for the best.
this way i'm doing something. You're doing something.

hell, don't we all want to become better?
i'm NOT gonna make you better, Kyubei's NOT gonna make you better.
YOU are gonna make yourself better.

this is not going to cost you anything, not money, not effort (physical or mental), not even time. (except maybe time to read it, but hey, if your time was so bloody important, you wouldn't have been browsing blogs in the first place, would you?)


try it.


#12/03/2006 06:15:00 am Assalam Aleikom Anonymous Through Gracepeace

Let's paint this on every wall.

Revenge is the fuel for the fires of Hell
thus Satan fears forgiveness
because grace not only quells his flames
it weakens his dominion


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