Saturday, January 03, 2009

Shroogy, Sana, Mosul4All, Dhayy, Sahar al-Dabbagh, God Eat God, Sahaab,

[ENGLISH] Shroogy Pride seems infatuated with Muntadhar al-Zaydi, a family member perhaps? 
[ARABIC] It looks like we have another Blogfamily in the making, Attawie's two sisters join the blogosphere, it seems this particular family has a flavor for the arts, while the eldest, Dhayy Awtani, talks about her love for the flute amidst a strong dose of  Iraq nostalgia, the youngest Sana's Words I Wish Were Mine features poetry and flowery political commentary. Let's see what mom and dad will come up when they blog. 
[ENGLISH] Mosul4All confirms the emergence of a subgenre in the Iraqi blogsophere, the Mosullite Girl Blogs, generally personal blog about likes and dislikes as well as sparse commentary on flying Iraqi shoes and Islamic ceremonies.
[ENGLISH] G0dEatG0D is another atheist blog, this one is in English and based in Jordan. No, I don't have anything to do with this one. 
[ARABIC] Iraqi poet Saad Jassem's Maktoob blog, موسيقى الكائن  focuses on poetry. 
[ARABIC] Another Maktoob blog for Mohamed Sunbah, largely interested in politics. 
[ARABIC] Sahar al-Dabbgh, another prominent writer, has her own blog. al-Dabbagh is an expert in body lanugage and she analyzes the body language of Iraqi politicians with painstaking detail.
[MIXED] Sahab has three blogs, each dedicated to collecting articles about a controversial Iraq shelter: al-Amiriya Shelter which was bombed by Ameican warplanes during the 1991 war, al-Jadriya Shelter, where torture of Sunnis was systematic during the tumultous administration of Interior minister Badr-affiliated Baqir Solagh in 2005, and al-Hanaan Orphanage, where unfed and unattended children were found locked up in 2007. 

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