Thursday, September 28, 2006

MixMax : Beyond Amsterdam

Ahh.. another day, another find.

also by Zappy!

who's the admin in this place here?
Salam! can you please add Zappy! to the contributors' list :)?

back to mr.'Max:

NEW! HOT OFF THE PRESSES and whatnot.. this is another good read from Holland, the Netherlands, land of the flowers, windmills, and the Mejiro Gym!
Humorous, Serious, and Sad, mixed together and presented ala mode for our enjoyment! (pardon the painful pun!)

one thing made me wince tho.. he likes "3marat ya3qoubyan"! :)

personal opinion:
overrated movie, overblown book.

reason for popularity/notoriety/lets-all-go-ban-and-burn-'em:
deals with taboo homosexuality themes, critical of government and society.

REAL reasons why i think it sucks?:

-the cast.
i'm SICK AND TIRED of seeing a 50yr old fat-ass (albeit a comedic GENIUS) play a 30ish-yr old DonJuan.

-the abundance of the usual stereo-types.

-Yusra's vocal abilities (a Banshee would sound like Maria Callas next to this "girl")

heyywaitaminute: Where am i going with this post?
who cares!

i would have to return to the main theme sooner or later, i guess now is as a good a time as any:

Solid writing style, balanced posts, and the guy loves 'Maiden!

MixMode, or Mixed Mood??

(nowwwwwww.. for that Then Some! bit: listen up, and you better listen good cuz i'm only gonna say this once:

that bit, namely: "Then Some!", is something i like to add to the end of most posts, to point out that it wasn't over as simply as that..

for example:
when one says:
"I kicked his butt."
the sentence innotates sublimely... oh whatever, it means you beat the tar out of some poor bastard and got on with it.

but, when the same person above says:
"I kicked his butt, and THEN SOME!"
basically means the same as above, but, in addition, it is hinted that you hanged him upside down by the family jewels, roasted onions on his ears, plundered his village, took his wenches for yer own, and basically had yourself a jolly good time!

but, this is all hinted at, mind you.

the beauty of this sentence, "Then Some!", lies in its versatility.

it can be applied anywhere, to denote, as explained earlier, that you went that extra mile.



i really should b writing in my own blog.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006



now this is a rare find, an iraqi who understands what kendo is, and NOT JUST THE TRANSLATION OF THE WORD, DAMMIT!

rare, why?
let me explain:

i guess, to 90% or more of iraqis, "athletics" EXCLUSIVELY means one of the following things:

a) Anything involving a spherical leather/rubber object (mostly football, thats "soccer" to non-metric system peoples)

b) 7adeed (bodybuilding/weightlifting/steroidpumping)

c) M7ebis (i believe this word doesnt exist in a non-iraqi tongue, something akin to "who stole the goddamn ring", thats what!)

d) All of the above.

so, when you find someone who can give you an answer not belonging to those above, you just know this is something special!

i guess the cynics, the critics, and the couch-coaches will jump at this golden opportunity to mock someone who "strayed outside the flock"..
oh well..

Anyway, i will personally keep a supporting eye on this one, i like i like!

Domo, and rock on, Kyubai!

(this was the first post that mysteriously got deleted.. ahem)

Nya Nya Nya!

I DON'T CARE! oh but we do, really!

Asool writes, relatively new and unnoticed.. let's change that, shall we?

this find should be accredited to Zappy!, pointing it out for me last time i was here and everything..

hmph. two posts (albeit short) in one day.
the apocalypse is upon us, no doubt..

take care now, c ya round.

oh, and Happy Ramadhan!

(why is it that no one understands the bit behind the Then Some thing i always use? ugh.)

anyway, take care, stay safe, and Then Some!


Saturday, September 23, 2006

It's All About Our Life

Iraqi Roses
(It's All About Our Life), by Marshmallow26, is the latest addition to the Iraqi blogosphere, and what a refreshing perspective she has:

I am from Iraq and in spite of the war, and the sadness that Iraqis are going through; there are roses are flourishing in the middile of the warzone, and these roses are the Iraqi: hope, peace, kindness, heros, and love. Long live Iraq. Marshmallow26


Please pay her a visit, and add her blog to your bookmarks.

New: 1
Total: 214

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Peak of Eloquence

Ali blogs from England and is originally from West Baghdad.

He imparts wisdom through religion...
I came across this account of a saying by the prophet ‘Isa (Jesus) [a] : ‘I saw a stone on which was written, “Turn me over”, so I turned it over. Written on the other side was “Whoever does not act by what he knows will be doomed by seeking what he does not know, and his own knowledge will be turned against him.” '

aramaic carpenter reel

The aim of this blog is about as cryptic as the title. As is Nayj's slogan - POOSHEW B SHLAMMA. What does that mean?? The blog appears to be a collection of links of various acts of activisms, but between the lines are some words of wisdom...
The point, however, is not to just "cut school" so we can "march in a few rallies." We should be marching with some purpose and not just as passive participants who might take some time off of our busy schedule to criticize our government. We need to be engaged in serious work to end this war and to oppose the actions of the Bush administration.
Nayj is, to quote her, "a detroit born Iraqi. my parents and grandparents were born in Telkaif or Telkappa."

Pooshew b shlamma!

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