Monday, July 31, 2006

To hell with being topical: The Qana Massacre II

There are times when certain injustices trump the need for adherence to topical matters. This is a blog that helps point those in the direction of Iraqi voices, sure. I haven't written or participated in this blog for some time for a number of reasons. I've had trouble blogging about the situation in Iraq for a long time now. What else could I possibly add? After hearing first-hand about some of the tragedy taking place on a daily scale, I feel I am irrelevant. I didn't go through that...
And sure, there's the argument that many Qanas take place in Iraq. Believe me, I hear it. But this brutal attack on women and children deserves mention everywhere and anywhere. 37 children were killed in an instant. This insanity has to stop. American weapons that were given to Israel to defend itself are being used to kill babies in Lebanon. Plainly, this is how most of the Arab world sees the situation now. And whether you like it or not, this is pretty much an indisputable fact.

I wish for peace and grace to prevail. But when such images are the realities of Israeli brutality, saying there's a 48 hour cease-fire just doesn't cut it. This will happen again. And when it does, I'm afraid of the consequences.

Here's the video of the Qana massacre. I warn you that it has very graphic images.

So I'm not overly indulgant, I must say that the Iraqi blogosphere gets more and more interesting. I appreciate the scores of new voices, which add vivid color to a exceedingly dim image otherwise portrayed in the media. I am humbled by your sharing. And I salut all of you.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

IraqI RockeR

Darkest greetting for you My name is Mohammed T. Abbas and I'm from Iraq, you will find in this blog the things I like and the things I do, its just about ma life, hope you'll enjoy it, and I don't think that you will.
Update - not a new blog but a rename of

Monday, July 03, 2006

Iraqi Signor

The objective of this blog is to provide an alternative view; one that doesn't conform to the political, religious and media-orientated mainstream opinion. Also, through this humble arena, I aim to take the first step towards journalistic stardom via the world's widest gate:


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