Thursday, September 25, 2008

Two New Interesting Blogs

We apologize for omitting those two very interesting Iraqi blogs that has been laying around for a while, the first is Sundus Abdulhadi's Mesopotamian Contemplations, a seldom blogging Iraqi artist based in Canada, she has been making a buzz lately around the Arab media for her painting 'Inana in Damascus', which is a commentary on prostitution of Iraqi women in Syria. Her recent post tells us about the story behind the painting's popularity, from American blogs to Arab media.

Second blog is for the Iraqi rapper The Narcycist, a previous member of the Iraqi hip-hop group Euphrates which contributed some very good music to the seminal Iraqi documnetary "Voices of Iraq", He has a way of adding Iraqi pharses and names just at the right moments, you can sample some of The Narcyist's politically-themed music on YouTube, such as this seminal song : 'The Letter'. The Narc's blog is an attitude-packed discussion of rap music, politics, and life for Iraqi and Arabs in the Western word, here is a flavor of his writing in which he is ranting about the influence of Gulf money on rap music and the image of Arabs in the West:

So, Here is a new track by some dude called Ron browz featuring the one'n'only Busta Rhymes. Funny, I was bumping THE COMING, Busta's first record, while pumping iron the other day (3ish). Once again, the American assumption that all brown people are the same gets jumbled into one joint. India is not Arabic people. They are indian. And not indian like 'injan you varmits'. Indian like close to Paskistan, India like one of the most beautiful places on earth. Anyway, this is what happens when you invite cats out to places like Dubai or the anywhere in the Gulf for that matter and not invite them out to Palestine and/or Iraq (interchangeable at this point.) Totally totally totally ignorant. Arab money is long if you were in the Gulf, or are someone who has taken advantage of the War. Ask lil'hamoodi in Naseriya what money is. He'll tell you electricity and a carton of two day old eggs (if he's lucky).

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Arabic / English Blogs

I apologize for all the bloggers here but I couldn't really make time between my laziness to add your blogs, and this is where I make due with this mega-post:

Son of Tigris has a very elegant blog with a neat theme complete with an animated attractive blog title, he is an IT specialist and his main interests are technology, technology and tech...nology.

We seem to have caught Touta just as she begins to unravel in Fog al Nakhal, only two posts down the line and she seems rather hesitant, but let's hope she develops a passion for blogging that equals her passion for learning.

Net Marketing In Iraq is a very unique blog for an Iraqi blog, it is primarily focused on netmarketing techniques in Iraq. Don't ask, I don't know.

يكتب أزهر مهدي في مدونة جلجامش - القاصد منذ مدة و قد اختار ان يخطرنا بمدونته مؤخرا, تتضمن مواضيع ثقافية شتى و هو مؤخرا يقوم بنشر قصائد مترجمة للشاعر الإيراني عمر الخيام

مدونة أنت حر للكاتب المسرحي العراقي احمد الصالح مدونة أدبية تتناول عدة محاور ثقافية و صحافية ربما سياسية و بالأخص ما يتعلق من السياسة بالثقافة.

متهجولون في الغربة هي مجهود جماعي لمجموعة من المدونين العراقيين منهم خاتون و أبا الحسن تتناول مشاكل اللاجئين باسلوب خفيف الظل وهي من اكثر المدونات الناطقة باللغة العربية نشاطا...نتمنى لها الإستمرار

تقودنا مدونة المتهجولون الى هارت روز, عراقية في الإمارات تدرس الطب, تتحدث عن مواضيع إجتماعية و مجريات حياتها اليومية, في أخر تدوينة لها تسرد لنا إنطباعاتها عن دخول غرفة الولادة.

مدونة الكاتبة عبير عبد الغفور عراقية مقيمة في مصر

مدونة شعاع العصر للكاتب علي هادي, يصفها فيقول :
مساء الخير والسعادة سيداتي سادتي الاكارم قد توصف ادراجاتي وصف الرمزيةمرة ووصف الجنون مرات اكثر وهنا ( انا مجنون اذن انا موجود) ربما يكون للجنون فنون اولها شكرا واخرها اسف على الازعاج
مدونة تميل الى مناقشة المواضيع السياسية و الدينية و من ثم كل ما يجول بالخاطر

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