Sunday, October 14, 2007

الأديـــان مـن صـنـع الإنـسـان .. أثير العرا

Atheeriraqi has dedicated his blog to the promotion of atheism (in Arabic). What more is there to say? Well quite a lot actually. If you read Arabic or want to use Google's web page translator you can read his (very) detailed arguments. Atheer writes:
"The blog is about criticizing relegions, mostly Islam because I know more about it, but also something about christianity and judism, focusing on the conflict between science and the holy books, which proves definetly(from my point of view) that the religions are man-made not from the creator, the blog does not discuss about the existance of a God(although I am interested in) because I do not have yet a clear opinion about that, I think that the existance of a God is a very complicated issue."

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