Sunday, September 03, 2006

aramaic carpenter reel

The aim of this blog is about as cryptic as the title. As is Nayj's slogan - POOSHEW B SHLAMMA. What does that mean?? The blog appears to be a collection of links of various acts of activisms, but between the lines are some words of wisdom...
The point, however, is not to just "cut school" so we can "march in a few rallies." We should be marching with some purpose and not just as passive participants who might take some time off of our busy schedule to criticize our government. We need to be engaged in serious work to end this war and to oppose the actions of the Bush administration.
Nayj is, to quote her, "a detroit born Iraqi. my parents and grandparents were born in Telkaif or Telkappa."

Pooshew b shlamma!


#9/03/2006 09:27:00 am Assalam Aleikom Blogger nayj

khalid jarrar asked me what "pooshew b shlamma" means too. It's Aramaic for 'Stay in peace'

Chaldeans speak modern seruth or syriac. I have passive knowledge of the language; I understand but I don't respond very well.

my site is pretty straightforward --with the exception of the titles of my site and blog address. Hagar is from the bible-- slave girl whom Abraham turned to when he thought Sarah would not produce the son God promised him. Hagar became pregnant w/ Ismael. Ismael is descendent of Chaldeans, and Muslims claim Ismael and so do African Americans. HE STANDS FOR OTHER. so I am um other or something.

nayj is nickname for my last name al-najjar which = carpenter

I am female too. why does everyone keep thinking I am a male blogger?


I am a detroit born activist living in the suburbs and blogging for peace and for my sanity and for my life.

I am always emailing the hell out of my friends about upcoming events, action, publications, so I decided to stop and just post on a blog.

After July war started, I, like a zillion other people who started a blog, wanted to join in the conversations about political action, social change, and making justice happen NOW.

I also think it's important for Chaldeans to talk to Lebanese and for African Americans and Arab Americans to connect in honest & productive ways.AND FOR ALL THOSE COMMUNITIES that are fractured to find one another. they have but only in smaller connections. maybe bloggin is the way we will connect.

I am not naive, and I don't think sitting on a computer pouring out your heart is the end but --it is the/a start.

shlamma, salam, shalom see?

my dad likes to call my mom this nickname too.
you asked!


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