Saturday, November 12, 2005

New and dissolute Blog

An Iraqi tear, by "the woman I was".

I am an Iraqi single mother who managed to survive the wars and the sanctions; yet I could not manage living under the occupation; writing is a resort to forget the idea of leaving Iraq. read blog.

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#11/13/2005 04:20:00 am Assalam Aleikom Blogger enough

Did you really mean to describe this as a 'dissolute' blog?

1. living an immoral life; very wicked; immoral.
Ex. The dissolute young man had a very bad reputation. The nobles were lawless and dissolute (John R. Green).
(SYN) dissipated, licentious, profligate, lewd.

Or did you mean to write desolate
as in:
3. unhappy; forlorn; wretched.
Ex. The hungry child looked desolate. The unemployed, by and large, are not the desolate-looking or acting lot of the 1930's (Wall Street Journal).
4. solitary; lonely.
Ex. No one so utterly desolate, But some heart, though unknown, Responds unto his own (Longfellow).
(SYN) forsaken.
5. dreary; dismal.
Ex. a desolate life.

If you did mean 'dissolute' I strongly disagree with this characterization.
The author of this blog is clearly mourning the loss/devastation of her country. I salute her candor.

#11/14/2005 10:30:00 am Assalam Aleikom Blogger CharlesWT

I was there has posted at last:

When the aircraft landed with the kids, the actor stepped outside the aircraft before any one of the officials at that airport entered the aircraft, otherwise they would discover that the cabin inside this aircraft was shorter than the similar aircraft; the actor helped the kids out, and closed the doors so no one was able to enter the aircraft.

According to the plan, the aircraft landed at the other airport where the other technical team who was waiting there for the aircraft, took the engines out, and helped the aircraft to leave the airport so fast before any one discovered the plan; the team later on installed the new engines on the aircrafts and call the base, “Mama is ready to come back now” the technical team leader told the base on the phone while he was laughing; both ends on the phone line consider this as a big victory.
I was there: Oil Coupons


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