Saturday, November 05, 2005

Egypt blog situation update

Oh I see. An election. And an arrested blogger. Well well. Shadi Hamid discusses US silence:

The response (or lack thereof) to the upcoming elections (Egypt) - and the voter intimidation and detention of opposition activists which will surely take place - will tell us a great deal about the current thinking in the Bush administration. I can't say, however, that I'm particularly optimistic. more

Hmm, ok, 2+2= some other people in some other places rent regime rooms in Egyptian prisons. Known as "extraordinary rendition". In return some other people in some other places shutup about some bad things that some landlords do with their own tenants.

Taking an Egyptian diversion this week. Sure everyone won't mind much. Bit of a refresher, visiting other people's troubles (takes my mind off my own imminent arrest anyway).

Shadi piece via Miss Mabrouk.


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