Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Spliting Work

I don't know how Emigre ran this blog by herself. Now there are two of us (Me and Najma) and if it wasn't for spliting work one of us would have been covered to his neck with the work needed to keep this blog going.
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Koranic phenomenologyf
I chose this title as starting point from which my thesis of Koranic phenomenology will travil.
Husserl started his phenomenological method by doing the logical investigation, for this reason,phenomenology is discovered after hard searching & investigations rather than just speculations & opinions.

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darkest greetting for you My name is Mohammed T. Abbas and I'm from Iraq, you will find in this blog the things I like and the things I do, its just about ma life, hope you'll enjoy it, peace out

This page is created by Turkmeneli National Union in cooperation and support of Iraqi Turkmen Cultural Assositation of Danmark. The union is established in Kerkuk/Kirkuk /Iraq for the aim of defending human rights and political rights of Turkmeneli (Northern Iraq) population(Turkmen and Arap and Assyrian And Kurds) in the democratisation process.

ب?ره‌وه‌ر? و ?ـــــاده‌كانم
This is a Kurdish blog. Since I do not know the language. All I can do is link to it. No quote.

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