Thursday, November 17, 2005

But... Life goes on

Emigre might be on a strike, I chose to stay on the side and leave no opinion to that.. I went to the settings of the blog today, she's removed herself, and has made us all moderators.
It's our responsibility now.. Emigre might be on strike, but blogs keep coming.. I know many of you have only been known because of Iraq Blog Count, and by Emigre, and I'd feel sorry for the coming generation of blogs..

Please, for any member here, who feels like contributing to keep this alive, just e-mail me and we'll split work or something. I'm in the sixth grade, you know!

Emigre might have cut any contact with Iraq Blog Count, but she still has her blog.. And you can still reach her by e-mail:
In case anyone is wondering, Emigre has "withdrawn forces" from Iraq Blog Count. In an unforeseen twist of fate, the blog is now occupied by Iraqis. I am still available by email.
In my first step towards bring back the counter, I'll add two blogs:

The Iraqi vote
Facts, statistics and views on the December 15, 2005 elections in Iraq.
And, I was there:
I am a lucky person who was able to get and see every thing that many others couldn't, and because of that, I wanted to share my experience with the others, so I became a flying instructor then a reporter for one of the well known newspapers(I was lucky in that too), and now I decided to share it with you through this Blog, so the people will know what I know, and will learn what I learned; to work in places, like the ones that I use to work in, gave me the chance to discover so many secrets that many still asking about it or does not know about it; I couldn't talk about it before, but now I will put every thing in my Blog so if I will die, these things will not die with me; I will start talking, and I will talk about every thing I saw or I will see, because I was there...
New: 2
Total: 175

PS: Emigre, I'm sure you're reading this.. Anytime, just anytime, just drop me a note and I'll add you back..
PPS: The Iraq Blog Count e-mail might no longer be as functional.. If you have a new blog, e-mail me or one of the other blog members.


#11/17/2005 07:07:00 pm Assalam Aleikom Blogger Jeffrey


Thanks for providing a link to Vahal's election blog. Looks good.


#11/18/2005 01:31:00 pm Assalam Aleikom Blogger cile

good najma, hassan. i am not really able to strike more than one day, so ... we'll be in touch!

#11/21/2005 06:59:00 pm Assalam Aleikom Blogger khalid jarrar

Ok najma, i think i have two blogs that we didnt link to yet:
from haneen with love ( which you linked to it from your blog, and also by 3a6a2, one of my personal favourite arabic blogs, by a young Iraqi girl from your city Najma, Mosul, shame on you, you should have found and linked to her without me telling you:P


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