Wednesday, December 31, 2003

This brief trans-explanation of Rafedain (a blog that Iraq Blog Count recently linked) bought to you by Ihath. Thanks Ihath.

Is an Arabic blog like news feed. It reports news about and from Iraq. The
tone is very journalistic. For example (Today AL-Hakeem made 5 demands from
the UN, In a news conference held at x Al Hakeem reported that he is
drafting ...) you get the picture. Non of the news items quotes a source nor
is their an about me to tell us who the people behind it are. A fyi fact,
rafedain means the two tributaries or two rivers. Iraq is frequently called
"belad al rafedain" the country of the two rivers. A reference to the Tigris
and Euphrates.

Future of Iraq Portal One for the reference links.

Marla's Journal at Civic World Wide Linking under Reference also.

Voices In The Wilderness As above.

Soldiers Blogs links have been updated again too.

Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Have you ever been in a strange city, walking about quietly, maybe you are searching for something but you don't really know what? Everything looks like cities usually do, buildings, more buildings, concrete, more concrete, maybe some brick and tarmac. You turn down an ordinary looking street, for no reason, walk to the end of it, and suddenly, you have just walked into the middle of one of the most vibrant blocks you have ever seen and were never expecting. This is what i found...

This is the ordinary street i turned down...

And this was at the end of it.... A newspaper? More newspapers?

Iraq Top 1000

Yalla Ya Arab yalla ya, an Arabic chat site? Info & documentation (A journalists blog?).

Iraq 4 All Groovy kitsch song (State Approved Camp?)

Iraqi Art This looks really cool... No idea what's going on here, looks like a bunch of articles, one on a captured Hussein, and some on art, and book reviews? Well this one looks like its about an artist anyway. Discussion/forum?

Arab Computers, general. Religion? (sorry, my ignorance makes me cringe, i haven't a religious bone in my body).

Kadhem AlSaher Marina Pictures 2003 your guess is as good as mine?

Dr. Ali Zayni This is too good! You have gotta click on his sculpture gallery (and his Dental Center). (Interesting, some of the sculpture reminds me a bit of Kathe Kollwitz and Ernst Barlach, both artists who practiced under regimes of oppression in the early mid 20th century, come to think of it the work of that other artist on the page reminds me of the german expressionists too). Very very cool. An artists site. Definately some expressionist inspiration going on here, Blaue Reiter and even something Klimptish?

Sorry i have no idea what most of these are about or who publishes them, so i hope i'm not linking to anything offensive, and hope that i've not offended anyone i've linked to. I started trying to figure them out by the pictures, and even wondered if i should ask someone else what they meant, in the end i threw away caution and just decided to link them anyway. I think all of these are Iraq sites, I think most are in Arabic, but some may be Persian? For all i know some of these could be censor controlled propaganda. Right now i really really really wish the babble fish spoke Arabic or Persian. If you can understand any of these i am soooo envious!

Rafedain This looks like a blog, and that looks like a map of Iraq in the corner - i'm counting it. This looks like a blog too, but i can't figure out the origin, so alas, i shan't count it - unless i learn where its from/who publishes it.
Update from Ihath, for those who don't read/speak Persian, this blog is in Persian. It seems it may not be from Iraq, although this is still unconfirmed A blog i guess too, in Persian? Again my ignorance precludes me from knowing who or where it's from. The tree pic-story is curious...
Update from Ihath, for those who don't read/speak Persian, this blog also is in Persian. It seems it may not be from Iraq, although this is still unconfirmed.

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Iraqi Blog BBS ~ Discussion board added this to the reference links, a structured forum for discussion. Moderated.

Monday, December 29, 2003

1953 Coup in Iran Bringing Democracy to the Mid East.

Tell me a Secret Last week Khalid had girl trouble, now he is here to whisper in your ear...

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Sunday, December 28, 2003

(to the person who mentioned Iraq The Model - its between Live From Dallas and Wildfire (counted on 19 Nov) maybe things need to be linked in Alphabetical order so its easier to find though, up to now i've just been adding links one after the other as i happen across them. I will have a think about this, if it still seems like a good idea i may alphabetise. If anyone actually is using this as a directory, then feel free to shout if you think alphabetical links would be useful or not).

Ihath Introducing Ihath, of Iraqi origin, blogging from Canada.

Road Of A Nation Brand New

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Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Blog sitcom A Family In Baghdad.

The show this week; MajiTriX has returned from Geneva, Mom has begun to blog and Khalid has girl trouble.

Saddams' DNA

Sorry, just deleted something i wrote here "To the memory hole" as the commissar might say. It was something of little consequence, just a stray thought. This blog is mostly a reference point, a sort of directory, but every once and a while i may have a thought and post it. If you ever see one of these stray thoughts be prepared for it to later disappear... think of these posts as fleeting moments of consciousness passing across the monitor. If there is ever a link involved in these types of post i will always leave the link.

Monday, December 22, 2003

Faiza. It has begun.

Sunday, December 21, 2003

Saddam Double Held?

Iraq & Iaqi's

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Friday, December 19, 2003

ok, the suspense is setting in, when is Raed's Mum gonna start?

Monday, December 15, 2003

Finally got around to updating the soldiers blogs links too, slipped Deeds in there as well, even though it might not be exactly a soldiers blog.

Paying for the Executioner's Bullets Interesting reading, Iraq views from Jubilee Iraq.

Justin The guy who does Jubilee Iraq.

the War in Context Adding this one to the Journalist links.

A Family In Baghdad Raed's family, Mum and Brothers are in on it, Dad's not interested (yet).

Almuajaha Quality blogging.

Iraq Today Ok, i have been really slack, there are some well designed sites out there. this is another one.

Baghdadee.ipb Baghdadee refined, new site.

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Saturday, December 13, 2003

Have you ever been struck by the diversity of opinion expressed with only 26 letters of the Alphabet?

Tuesday, December 09, 2003


Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Back To Iraq 3.0 Journalists Blog.

Wildfire Not sure if this is exactly a blog, but it is someone posting from Iraq at the moment...
Direct link to Wildfires "Iraq Feature List"

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