Saturday, January 01, 2005

Iraq Election Blogs

Two new blogs that have sprung up around Iraq election coverage;

Iraq Elections Newswire - simple clean back to basics blogger template with atom feed and an oddly familiar sounding poster. Short posts. Pure news. Zen-like, and somehow soothing (no comments no blogroll no endorsements or verifications).

Iraq Elections Blog - wordpress, several co-authors, lengthier items, commentary and occasional image. Tone; hmm, hard to say. Mixed (comments, blogroll).


#2/09/2005 11:37:00 am Assalam Aleikom Blogger john_m_burt

News Item
Samara, Ohio -- Today the bandages came off and Missy Potamia's family got to see the 13-year-old's reconstructed face for the first time. Two years after an unfortunate misunderstanding when she tried to deposit money at her local bank, extensive surgery has undone broken cartilage, smashed cheekbones and shattered teeth.

Her mother was delighted.

"To tell the truth, Missy was always a plain child. Her big blobby nose and buck teeth were a real drawback, but we could never have afforded braces, let alone plastic surgery. Fortunately, the bank's insurance paid for it, and since her face was so totally ruined, it gave us a chance to give her the look she always wanted."

Bank security guard George W. Bush declared that Missy's beautiful new face vindicated his own actions two years ago.

"Even though it appears she wasn't actually trying to rob the bank," Bush said, "it's now clear that I still did the right thing in taking prompt action with that baseball bat."

Bush's contract with the bank has recently been renewed for another four years.


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