Tuesday, December 07, 2004

More Kurdish Bloggers

New Blogs ! Kurdish special;

Kurdistan Youngs
~ Yad, he has an "about me" bit here and does that postinginadifferentcoloureverytime thing (kids !). He has links to some other Kurdish bloggers too...

Turkish Delight ~ Delal, blogging from Utah US quote "On the surface I am one of those super nice people, who isn't a threat, and who everybody wants to be their mom. However..." (sweet on the outside, erm, we are not sure we want to delve beneath the surface... on the other hand ...)

Peshmerga Woman ~ Emmunah, she says "Tyrants of the world I'm putting you on notice...you will lose...we will win!" and then proceeds with Dire Straits lyrics ! (feisty on outside, sugar underneath?).

and Hajir ~ by Mohammad who seems to be trying to make sense of situation with every tool available from blog to Quran. Mohammad's post about three arrested Iranian bloggers who have apparently "confessed" (renounced their evil wicked web ways) is a potent reminder. We play a lot of silly games online and blog a lot of silly stuff but evidently having fun disturbs the autocracy.


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