Saturday, December 04, 2004

Email Exchange

Another email from someone who'd like to proactively foster discussion, and perhaps eventually peace and understanding, by writing across the webwaves. From Paul...


My name is Paul, im 30 yo from Ballarat Vic. Like so many others I am devestated although hardly surprised by the mainstream media coverage of the invasion and ongoing occupation. The use of the media as a weapon by corporate interests and our wonderful open honest and accountable government have sickened me to the core. More frightening is how effective and easily digested it is by the majority of Australian people. I realise it's nothing new but the use of language and image to dehuminise and demonise the iraqi people in western media is an absolute outrage. It's particularly the word "liberated" that interests me; what, we're drawing comparisons between Fallujah and WW2 Paris?? Anyhow, I feel as one who can see throught he shit, that I have a responsibility to gain further insight and hence actively convey that knowledge. To facilitate this it would be great to have dialogue with an iraqi pen pal, It is important for me to gain the first hand experience of life in Iraq and to hopefully build a friendship. Would greatly appreciate it if you could..



If you'd like to reply to Paul he's happy for you to have a whack in the comments. Alternatively, email and your email will be forwarded to him.


#12/06/2004 02:59:00 pm Assalam Aleikom Blogger Baghdad

Hi Paul,

It's good to see day by day, more people are interested in contacting people from Iraq. It brings in more hope for the future of Iraq knowing people outside Iraq understand what Iraqis and soldiers have been dealing with everyday so far.

Surprisingly, I am just on a holiday in Australia right now. However, viewing the national or local news they provide doesn't show so much of the news about Iraq unlike some other TV channels I have seen (ie: Fox news, CNN and many other OBSCURE ones). Probably I may be wrong. Or that the TV channels you're referring to are ones that you have to personally pay for (registering). I'm currently in Australia for a month and every day I have to blimin wait for a 2 minute news about Iraq! lol...doesn't sound so good but hey, I got the internet to use and I guess it's good once in a while to cool my mind off from the trouble in Iraq.

I hope you look more into the situation just as many have been doing for the past several months or years. We now know the media is full of shit and our only source now are people who are witnessing the event itself or others who have personal contact in Iraq right now. I wish you the best and take care,


#12/07/2004 02:54:00 pm Assalam Aleikom Blogger emigre

Sara !

I kind of would go along with your observation there. News Iraq in Aus does seem to have taken a bit of a back seat lately. If you're still in Oz, abc radio (am 576) at about 6-7.00am has a bit sometimes (I also scour the papers and the web). I heard lots of mainstream publications pulled their journo's out because it was just getting too dangerous, as a result our mainstream news flow is hampered.

#12/07/2004 09:14:00 pm Assalam Aleikom Anonymous Anonymous

Paul, I hope you join me in working for media reform here in the USA. FAIR, Common Cause, Media Channel are places to start. Every little bit helps!

What I have found in the US mainstream "news" is a lot of useless "info-tainment" like celebrity crimes stories, family tragedies, other nonsense that has no impact on people's lives.... and a lack of coverage of whole continents, environmental issues, education, health care issues, etc.

In regards to Iraq, what really angers me is the lack of coverage of Iraqi civilian casualties. In reading today's leading papers (NYT, WP, LA Times) all Iraqis are (apparently) gun-toting terrorists. And even though nearly all of the guerillas are Iraqis, they still call them "insurgents" or "anti-Iraqi forces".

Read the blogs, and look at for further information on what is really going on.


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