Thursday, December 02, 2004


Another contentious new blog. I suppose it would be in keeping to ask (as one might ask of any blog) - is it or is it not bonafide ? What would the www be without such controversial puzzles as these to keep us on our alerted, um, alerts. Well I guess puzzlement never stopped me from linking before. And anyway, he wrote back this entirely nettiquette reply to ihath's enquiry (oh yes, flattery gets you everywhere).

Ok, is that enough build up ? Did I over-do it ? (Feel free to give performance feedback). Curiosity piqued enough to click on his (for I feel it is a "his") link ? ...

Introducing... (you may well know him already)... blogging since July ... The Pundit Blogger. The Iraqi Pundit Blogger... iraqpundit (all in lowercase, very cooelle) (and very contentious). Here's what he last (contentiously) had to say...

Hating Everybody

All Iraq is now united in one thing: Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi and his band of psychotics are now targeting the members of every group in the country. There's an interview in the Iraqi press today with a Sunni cleric who says that to avoid assassination, he has been forced to change his manner of dress.... (continue reading)

There is nothing quite like controversiality to get a blog rolling.

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