Saturday, January 01, 2005

Looming Elections

A few blogs are springing up around Iraq's Election in January. I'll post some links to them shortly. In the meantime, a note on the election. While many in the media, both mainstream and blogstream refer to The Elections as "The Elections" (I do it myself all the time) it is probably worth mentioning that the main task in this upcoming event is too;

1. Elect a 275-seat National Assembly.

I am sure there must be some other main task but so far that's all I can find out. Have been scouring the web for procedural instructions but not much luck so far.

Anyway, then the elected 275-seat National Assembly will draft a constitution that will "lay the foundations" for a permanent government (it says so in this article somewhere, about six paragraphs down).

So the task for voters is to elect candidates who can be trusted in drafting a constitution which is going to form the basis, if all goes well, of Iraq's complete and utter future, politically, human rightly, and reconstructively.


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