Friday, March 11, 2005

Carnival of the relatives

Let's start from the oldest, dad posted a nice real story about the man who turned to a donkey.. Really interesting! Reminds me of my grandpa, the person who named me by the way!
Dad also posted about those criminals being shown on TV almost everyday.

Mom posted twice, in our family's blog, introducing herself. She seems to attract grandmothers a lot.. It's really nice to read what my parents write! (Read: Part I, Part II).

Hassan posted three times, one about Giuliana Sgrena, which I talked about too.. But my post was mainly about the daily victims of the same accident.

The second, about the advantages and dis-advantages of moving with grandma and grandpa. For me, last time grandma came here, we used to have at least one fight a day! I myself had a difficulty understanding anything of what Hassan says when he came to Mosul, he had to repeat and repeat!!I feel pity for all of them.

The third about the need for speed.. An attitude of average Iraqis.

HNK was so busy this week with her homework.. She posted three lines only this week(If we counted the title)

I wrote three times this week, one about Giuliana Sgrena, one about our family blog, and one about my neighbor's getting arrested.

Dalia wrote a great story.. Wise men always make nice stories. While Raghda, as always, is asking you to SMILE.

Okay, no more.. Till Aya starts blogging, Raghda, you're the cutest in the group :)


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