Wednesday, September 08, 2004

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#9/09/2004 12:08:00 am Assalam Aleikom Blogger ihath

Even I don't understand what "in3ida minnich " is.

Is it "infected by you" ?

#9/09/2004 12:22:00 am Assalam Aleikom Blogger Aunt Najma

Yes I guess so... Poor blogger, he hasn't thought of it..

#9/09/2004 01:29:00 am Assalam Aleikom Blogger khalid jarrar

oops! this was suppoed to be a comment on Neutotic Wife blog, how did it become a post on IBC O_o
i am keeping it till NW read it:)
yes in 3ida minich is infected b you, i was talking to NW:)

#9/09/2004 01:50:00 am Assalam Aleikom Blogger emigre


Lol, copy and paste this comment to nw's blog. It's out of context here and is confusing people my friend.

#9/09/2004 01:56:00 am Assalam Aleikom Blogger neurotic_wife

I came to check on the latest and I just saw the above,lol, i said to myself that looked very familiar. Khalid, thank god you werent flirting with some girl and posted it by mistake, that would be a classic. and yes I do agree with emigre, even I was confused.


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