Thursday, December 08, 2005

Talisman gate

"Welcome to my blog. This is the place where I explore issues like whether Nostradamus had predicted the whole Zarqawi phenomena, and is Walid Jumblat the real Hariri killer. In other words, this space is devoted to all the stuff that would peg me a crank should I try to put it out in print. But what the hell, journalistic credibility is way too over-regarded. Plus, blogging is an exercise in vanity; it is the joy-ride of ego-trips. So, excuse my pompous self-righteousness, and try to enjoy your stay."
"The purpose of this blog is to help me write a book about the Middle East by the end of 2006. Expect it to be messy and bi-lingual."

Nibras Kazimi, a "visiting Scholar at the Hudson Institute in Washington DC" has started a new blog.. Check it out!

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