Monday, December 12, 2005

Carnival of the relatives

This is the only time I wish my relatives do not blog much :((

Let's see... 1... 2... 3.. GO

Mama's turn:

Here, I'd like to thank uncle Ahmed and his wife for saving so much of my time :) If you ever think of coming back, you might consider a little gift for me, for doing extra work I mean :)

Now, it's Hassan's turn.. I was thinking of letting him do some of the work here, but he's never online these days!!! WHERE ARE YOU HASSAN???
My turn (Not counting my posts in IBC this time)
Kais's turn: Wondering who's Kais? He's Raghda's brother.. But I'd like you all to note that his blog has been hacked or something, so it's no longer his..

HNK's trun:
A big applaud for you my sis, for not being such a blogoholic like the rest of us..

Dalia posted some photos, and changed to a beautiful template..!

Raghda has new... Guess what? ... RIGHT, Cat photos..

Sunshine's turn:

Sanyora's turn:

Gee, it takes so much time to compile this, check out the first carnival of the relatives.. Now, that was fun to do..!!!


#12/12/2005 09:38:00 pm Assalam Aleikom Blogger Konfused Kid

Please please stop these Carnivals, if u like them so bad then do them on your own blog...this is supposed to be a neutral blogcount and you as a moderator must have the mindset not to favor certain blogs (your relatives) upon others by linking to them on the frontpage.

I've written more on my blog, about that.

Other than that, i think that you are a very sweet person and i really enjoy your blog.

The Kid


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