Wednesday, July 20, 2005

KJ Update

Petition at 662 sig's. Photo's getting bit more creative, especially since Japan started signing up.

I guess this might be the only kind of draft recruitment appeal I'm ever likely to run. Go to the petition now if you haven't already, and take a picture with you.

Update; going to bed now, see you to-morrow (making every effort to get up early and scour net for certain news).

Last evening update;
Najma must of managed to get on top of the trolling. Or else they got bored and went away. Good. Maybe some of us can get some peace around here now.

Last last update for today; bed-time prayers


(secular and other-wise)

One last little thing, is the page loading ok out there? I don't know if it's just my cobbled together set-up here or my no-frills dial-up or what but page-loading seems to be struggling. Almost as if thousands and thousands of people were all getting onto the net to find out what might be happening to a certain brother (figuratively speaking).


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