Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Change of topic. Getting back to normal

A return to the "spirit of conscious thought stream style" (tribute to Khalid). Not that I'm being overly optimistic. Khalid is still in the clinker afterall.

Well everybody has certainly been all very polite and well-behaved, And that's highly commendable, for a change.


Just to get back to usual brave blog dissing patter. Because I don't have anything else (sorry) to post in tribute to Khalid right now. Technorati seems to be "unusually busy" and I can't see who's linking who or not. If you have anything you want linked, email someone in the list over there --> or drop a comment (also have trackback, if prefer. Although can't guarantee anyone will be checking it).

Where was. Oh yes. Back to normal. Blog-dissing.

Firstly. You Iraki's think you all are so hard done by. Well you try being an Australian online. Everyone thinks I didn't get past "grade-school" (or whatever it is that they call it) and that Rupert Murdoch is all my fault (pauses to google "rupert murdoch". OMG !).

For anyone who doesn't know, Australia is just a big desert. Bit like Saudi Arabia but with less camels and more immigration detention centers. And we have the world's largest supply of Uranium (28 per cent of known recoverable resources) apparently, instead of oil.

Which brings me to the next matter. Ever since this whole "war" thing and this damn blog my phone line has been echoing like, like (searching for word most of audience will understand) like "grand canyon". Basically, what I am trying to say, is that anyone arresting Khalid Jarrar might as well arrest me. All bloggers do is tell jokes to each other while the rest of the world goes slowly insane. Can we stop our leaders from blowing us all to bits? No it seems we can't - but we can lighten each other's day with off-colour references and innocently lewd approproations and cleverly hand-crafted mispellings (bit like wearing gran's old knitted sweater with all the dropped stitches). If a nuclear holocaust broke out tomorrow at least I could die smiling "I giggled with Khalid Jarrar" or "Hah, Anonymous said I was a whore. What a pr*ck".

The guy is guiltless. You'd be better of arresting me anyway - nobody would even notice and I wouldn't mind being endlessly questioned about my blog. Frankly, it's the only interest it's ever likely to get and a blogger doesn't really care who the audience is.



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