Monday, July 18, 2005

Count interlude (sort of)

Like nothing else has been distracting me from it.

Here's a new site, it looks pretty swish if you ask me.

niqash is a space for Iraqi citizens to interact with each other, to exchange views on the current political process, to debate the processes that are shaping their society. Its main focus is on issues relevant to the drafting of the new Iraqi constitution. Its main goal is to facilitate a public and popular debate on the current political process in Iraq, thus fostering and strengthening Iraqi civil society... etc etc read more about niqash.

the site also facilitates blog creation.

Personal web-diaries ("?blogs"?) can be created and managed. Visitors can register for the "?niqash"?-newsletter, and even sign up for and use "?niqash mail"? - our very own e-mail service provider. niqash is produced by an Arab-German-Kurdish team in Berlin & Amman. It is published in English, Arabic, and Kurdish. The project is funded by the German Foreign Ministry and supported by the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation.

And woo-hooo, oh forget it. You'll just have to have a puddle around the site yourself to find out who's posting again. All secretively and unannounced.

Also, some valuable info here (guidelines for the constitution).


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