Monday, July 18, 2005

More Khalid links

Oh damn, now the japanese are in on it too. I was just going to go to bed.

Here are some more blogs posting their very dear (and priceless) virtual prayers to Khalid.

ritmj says;
???????Khalid?????????? :*)

teanotwar says;
Khalid Jarrarがムハバラトに拘束されました。 says;
午後11時31分 #ラエドの兄の救出サイトは以下のとおりー署名欄にご協力

And lim must still be asleep, Lim, did you wake up yet and get that email I sent about the invite link to giveusourkhalidback not working and how I accidentally... oh nevermind, just check your email when you get a moment.


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