Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Blog/Diary Count

The Mathius guy on that new site (which also hosts blogs) emailed again. A bunch of new (not verified not endorsed but "advertised" non-theless, gee you can certainly see I'm not in marketing) blogs;

iraq diaries in english
Abbas Baghdadi
Abd al-Muhsin al-Sayyid Salih
yawmiyaat al-'iraq
Naseer Lazim
Dr. Taysiir al-Alusi
Yasin Aziz
Al-Shumus Media Network
ihsan / hicestan

plus also;

said's blog
niqash press blog (This one is Matthius's "baby")

Phew, went into automaton linking that lot. What this site needs is a tool "click here to add your blog" etc and then I could go post about greenpeace or something.

Read and investigate them for yourselves. And then go back and visit Raed's blog again.

Grand Total;147

And now I am totalled, going to bed. See you later.


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