Wednesday, July 20, 2005

URGENT News !!!

Brain tumour !!! Jameel Saad has one !!! Quick somebody doooo something ! Everybody, get this out there - fast. Post it up on your blogs. We've got to build this people !!!

I am writing with hope that you can help in any way you can by posting this letter on your website/blog and emailing it to your lists, by sending donations or by providing medical expertise.

Jameel Saad was the youngest maqam singer in the world of Arabic-maqam singing. He began performing at the age of 10. He performed in one of Jordan's festivals three years later. He is a highly talented oud player as well. As a child, he lost his 15 year-old sister to a rare case of cancer. She was artistically talented as well. May she rest in peace.

Read the letter in it's entirety.

Sorry to sound overly alarmist, but when you've been trying to contain yourself for 48 hours or more something has to give somewhere. And it is a story worthy of attention, bloggers just cannot sit idly by letting artist's suffer (or anyone else).

This is Jamil Saad's website, which is being maintained by his brother.

The letter was sent to me by email from Wafaa' Al-Natheema, editor of Al-Waafa News.


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