Thursday, July 21, 2005

KJ sidetrack

Been reading Raed's comments for something to do. This is not usual. Do detect distinct "toning it down a knotch" from the regular "burn kill slash tie the Jarrars to a stake and stone riverbend" dialectict issuing from certain disfunctional regime centers.

Some cogent analysis going on at Raed's blog for a change, in his comments.



Dear Moron/Michael and the rest,

A brief history about the conflicts in the region would provide an answer to your debate. Things like what idiology the "insurgents" or "resistors" subscribe to. Where is this sectarian tension coming from (etc etc).
20 July, 2005 23:32


>In time large sections of the Shias
>and Kurds will join with Sunnis
>against the occupation.
>Anyone wanna make a bet?

That is probably true.

The Shia are now just all giddy in their perception of having been put on the thrown.

When the talks move to the money and oil revenue ... as they are guaranteed to, the Shia and Sunni will be reunified again.

I am thinking Bush is probably happy with the current events of Sunni and Shia killing each other.

They probably make jokes about their being "far fewer brown people to have to deal with".

And then there is the report of unmarket pistols taken off of U.S. manufacturing lines showing up in the hands of insurgents ... and that raises all new questions.
20 July, 2005 23:48

michael mcgehee;


Thanks for the post.

The US does benefit by making Iraq a battleground rather than a scene of diplomacy and ethnic resolutions. It all goes back to what I said the US is doing: divide and conquer; oust someone and then prop up the victims against the aggressors.

We did it in Cuba during the Spanish-American War. We "liberated" Cuba from Spain and then turned Cuba into an American plantation (see Platt Amendment). And most of us know what happened after that...
20 July, 2005 23:59

michael mcgehee
adds on


It benefits the US in the short term, the long term is unpreditable. It will probably blow up in our face like Cuba. But I doubt there will be a Russian sub commander to save us the next time.
21 July, 2005 00:01



the cold war is over. It is no longer a bipolar world. Bipolar politics are no longer functional - and, coincidentaly, they aren't used simply because they won't work. Join the 21st century.
21 July, 2005 00:10

Well I agree with moron99. For once. Still, I would just as rather listen to sports commentary. It makes about as much sense to me.

Go to Raed's and have a catch up on global events in the interim. While everybody waits.


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