Friday, March 18, 2005

Carnival of the relatives

Welcome to the third carnival of relatives.. Let's start from the oldest.

Dad posted twice, A joke (Two cows' tale) and an update over the TV programme about the criminals cought by the police.

Mom posted another post, part three of her life story!

Unlce Ahmed posted as well, talking about his own story, since 1988 till now.. War after war after war, a never-ending story.

Hassan posted about flooded baghdad, he also included some photos..

I posted about Saddam, things he's done and I wanted you to know.

HNK posted as well, updates about her grades and school problems.

We've been having electricity problems, the neighborhood's generator was broken but it got fixed today.. The electricity wasn't enough for me to write a post.

Our new school is ALMOST finished! A student told me that they'll open it in about 5 days, and the American soldiers will come to do that.. We'll see.



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