Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Green zone

green zone
This is a new blog by an Iraqi from Baquba, Diyala, where oranges come from in Iraq :)
Ali, an engineer, and an administrator of a network in Diyala introduced himself:

How are you all i hope fine it`s my first post in this bolg and i hope you all like it,I`m a mechanical engineer imegrate in the last year from a university in baghdad called al-Mustansirya if hearing a bout it it`s the second university in iraq after baghdad university and i`m like a hounderd of young iraqi engineer still without a job because of the bad situation of my country therefore i`m working in another job not like my specialism like the other people here in iraq working as an admestrative on an internet network in my town(baquba) and we very suffering from the bad electricity that`s cause many problem to our network and we suffering to from the bad using to the net because the internet enter iraq only from 3 years ago therefore the most of iraqi users are new and didn`t knew how to use the internet in safe,I think that you said it`s a rubbish word and i forgive you but it`s my simple life in my wounded country.
Thanks to all for your patinece and reading my blog.


So here you have it, the first Iraqi blog from Diyala, hope this will only open a gate for others.
Please go visit Ali's green zone and welcome him to the blogsphere..

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#12/29/2005 12:38:00 pm Assalam Aleikom Blogger cile

good news this is! which place will follow next?


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