Thursday, October 13, 2005

Disparity update, with hopeful ending

Everyone knows about injustice and inequality in the real world so there's no point me badgering on about it today. Instead, I offer some badgering about the injustice and inequality in our imaginary worlds.

Yesterday, within 24 hours and two posts on Daily Kos over one thousand Americans were looking for Iraqis to "build bridges" with. Baghdad would be lucky if 1,000 people had reliable electricity last night let alone reliable internet access. Most Iraqi netizens at that time seemed to be either sleeping, reading paper, fasting or feeling war weary, checking email while their generators had a spare moment or doing other things to sustain their real life existences.

1,000 Americans at a lose end within 24 hours and no Iraqis available, being all occupied.

Still, another door has opened and that is a good thing. I suppose if anyone isn't feeling too burnt by the Americans, the Americans would probably not mind too much if you just showed up any old time at Daily Kos. In fact you could probably just show up and not have to say where you are from and they probably wouldn't mind either. Being friendly Americans.


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