Thursday, July 21, 2005

KJ Update

How could I of forgot the Lebanon bloggers ?! Parts of the Lebanon imediasphere were onto this days ago !!

I dunno, I guess all the worry just got to my head.

What else can we do to help him?


#7/21/2005 05:46:00 pm Assalam Aleikom Blogger olivebranch

Here is another way of helping, Get creative and pass it around.

KEEP CONTACTING THE MEDIA, don't run stories until there is some kind of news from the family, or the time seems to be right.

-- new post on my blog --

Khalid's Fight
This message I send out to Khalid Jarrar through prayer and thought,
and to those who are with me, with Khalid.

Khalid Jarrar was ABDUCTED by the Iraqi Secret Police (mukhabarat) last monday (more than 10 days ago) without given reason, without access to a lawyer, and with no phonecall to his family for the first 3 days, then no contact with the outside world afterwards. Khalid Jarrar is a good man, who in no way promotes or incites violence. This man has been taken by mistake due to ill-trained Iraqi Security forces, and corruption within the Iraqi Government.

If Khalid is not returned safe and unharmed SOON, the world will be shown how poorly the US have trained Iraqi security forces, and this will be yet another blow to an already unstable US occupying force.

Our prayers and thoughts are with Khalid and his family. Do all you can to help them.


Khalid's Fight
(Dedicated to Khalid Jarrar)

I feel angry though not inspired.
Earlier today I was sad and tired,
an inspired poem was flowing free.

A poem that was written, for Khalid, from me.

We must tell the world. Yes let them know,
the seeds of hate they should not sew.
Let this man that is guilt-free,
out of that jail cell to speak to me.

If Khalid is not soon set free,
then the entire world will surely see.

We must not let him lose this fight,
Khalid's case is in the media's light.
Continue this battle from day through night.
Family, friends and bloggers unite.

We will not surrender on Khalid's fight.

Luke(y) Skinner 21/7/05


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