Tuesday, November 09, 2004

I am back...

I am alive, I don't know about the kicking, but I know that I am definitely alive...
am I?
my heart is bleeding, my soul is burning, I die every time I see the news...
but the stupid scientists insist that since I have heart beat, I am still "alive".
well, I am not perfectly good biologically good either, this stupid flue is keeping me half-drunk, maybe its better to keep it this way for now...
I just decided yesterday, who is the person I hate most in this world, it is definitely Allawi, I wont call him names cause I know that many young fellows read this too, but I really need to, so give me one minute, I will go curse and scream, and I will be back.
ok, much better.
over 75% of the families left Falluja, some people decided to stay with their families, the prefer to die on the soil of their beloved city, under the the walls of their own houses...IF its true that people of Falluja asked Allawi, ok I need another minute here-ok, if its true that they asked him, like he said, to go invade Falluja to liberate them from the Zarqawi, how come we NEVER saw ONE person out of the 75% who left the city, on TV saying this?
How come that we have never seen ONE person from Falluja saying that in real life? In newspapers? In radio? How come?
How come that EVERY single person we see on TV, in real life and in the newspapers, curses Allawi, and says that there isn't any Zarqawi, at least not in Falluja?
The man they set his house to the ground in Falluja, and killed his baby son, carried him in front of the camera and said: This is Azzarqawi, I am sure this is Azzarqawi, why else did they kill him?
the young man who just came back from the mosque, right after the sunset prayer, which is the time to break the fasting everyday day, was supposed to find his father and mother, sisters and brothers sitting around the table, waiting for him to eat with them, but he found them dead, all of them, the house that was bombed, fell on them...
Two churches were bombed in Baghdad yesterday, while Falluja was in the middle of a battle that needs every man and every weapon, is it still possible today to accuse this city of these terrorists acts?
Isn't Azzarqawi busy defending himself?
while you are reading this and enjoying the silence in your houses and offices, people in Falluja are dying and burning, screaming, 12 000 soldiers are trained and sent to kill them, for no crime except that they have pride, except that they wouldn't accept to be occupied, except that they swear to live with honor, and die with honor...
Close this window, get back to your life and enjoy it, I hope you all get nice sleep at night, and don't bother thinking of us, or pushing your administration, they are just "bad people" getting killed and you are liberating us, long life Red America!


#11/09/2004 02:01:00 pm Assalam Aleikom Blogger liminal

i'm not sleeping khalid. are you up?

#11/09/2004 07:15:00 pm Assalam Aleikom Blogger Khalij Economic Advisors

Akhi Khalid, I'm as angry and depressed as you are. I've been emailing with a friend in Fallujah for the last few weeks hearing directly about the people murdered by bombing. I was outside Tony Blair's office yestarday protesting but of course it achieves nothing. Am raising some money for the human rights centre in Fallujah, to at least provide a little support to people after the dust settles.

#11/09/2004 07:42:00 pm Assalam Aleikom Anonymous Anonymous

Pride and Honor...Worth dying for, Thousands of Americans have died for that. For that matter, millions have died over the eons for those two "beliefs".

Religion and Pride and Honor, have killed Billions.

If they want to stay and get blown to hell (or heaven), it is their right and privilage...right?

Dying is what everyone does...someday, its up to that individual to determine. But, not always, sometimes they can not determine the right course of action because they can't reason..because of Pride and Honor.

This is my post, sitting on my front porch, with my laptop, after a beautiful sun rise, sipping a hot cup of black coffee, with my boots off after getting up at four this morning and working on my little "ranch" until 1030 this morning. I got it rough...right?

But my Great,Great Grandparents and my Great Grandparents and my Grandparents and my Dad and Mom didn't have it so good. I am enjoying the benefits of what they worked and died for.

Papa Ray
West Texas

#11/10/2004 08:31:00 am Assalam Aleikom Anonymous Anonymous

Do you think the grandparents, the great grandparents, the great GREAT grandparents of those dying in Fallujah right this moment didn't work hard to build the Fallujah that the occupation is crumbling?

It is true that people die someday.
But not this way.

People are shot, bombed and we can't even imagine how great that pain might be. How could we dare say "Oh, well people die one day. I bet they are peacefully in heaven now."

The citizens of the countries that have sent occupation army to Iraq. The citizens of the countries who are turning a blind eye to this massacre should stop justifying themselves and should take a stand and say - Yes I am a part of this massacre, Yes I have choose my government that is being a part of this killing, Yes I am burning up fuel that is the blood of the Iraqis.

That is the right thing to do, the right thing to say.
And that is the only way to stop this never ending war.

#11/10/2004 12:57:00 pm Assalam Aleikom Blogger Bruno

I can only agree with the sentiments expressed by Khalid and others on this section. Basically what is happening is less a liberation than an application of terrorist tactics by the arch terrorists in Washington in order to cow Iraqis into obeying. They are saying "Look! This is what we have done to Fallujah! This is what happens if you resist us!"

In fact, the more destruction wrought by the 'Coalition' the better, so that all may witness it and fear it. I remember that when the Russians flattened Grozny it was despicable and bad. And, yes it was. Now that it is the US's turn, the same destruction has morphed into a glorious dawn of liberation. Ah, really, screw them. :(

#11/10/2004 04:10:00 pm Assalam Aleikom Blogger Dunerati


I'm sure there are no terrorists in Faluja.
I'm sure America wants to just burn Iraq to the ground.
I'm sure all the soldiers want to be in Iraq, fighting for a piece of dust covered oil.
I'm sure we can reason with every person in Faluja.

Do you have any other suggestions or just complaints?
Do you recognize any iraqi authority? if so, which? Whats the fastest way to get Americans out of Iraq?

What do you think would happen if they left yesterday, today, tomorrow?

"pride never helps, it only hurts"
-Marcelus Wallace

#11/10/2004 08:50:00 pm Assalam Aleikom Anonymous Anonymous

The Fallujan's all looked totally innocent as the woman and children cheered while the mutilated bodies of the Americans were beaten and dragged through the streets back in march(I think it was March). Looked to me like there were no innocents in there at all. I guess what goes around comes around.

#11/11/2004 12:30:00 pm Assalam Aleikom Blogger Bruno

Dunerati --

"Terrorist" is a word that means whatever the US wants it to mean. People defending their homes are terrorists if they are defending them against the US in Iraq, if they are defending them against the Russians in Grozny they are Freedom Fighters, and much is made of Russian atrocities.

Oh, but wait! Now that the US is aslo killing Muslims, the 'freedom fighters' have become 'terrorists'.

(Are the Iranians also morally justified in invading the US in pursuit of the 'terrorists' that the states harboured and protected, that formerly ruled Iran as proxy?)

All these lables and justifications are merely excuses to keep troops on, and gain control of, "a piece of dust covered oil." The fact is the US is an immoral foreign invader that ought to be slung out on its arse in double quick time, because sure as hell they are not leaving otherwise.

What happens in Iraq once you leave is probably what Khalid said: Big Celebrations. The fact is every poll shows a huge percentage (80-90%) of Iraqis wanting the US out, and what exactly gives you the moral authority to remain?

Anonymous --

How's about I shoot dead 16 of *your* neighbours, friends and family, and then expect you to sit back and twiddle your thumbs? Those burnt bodies were those of mercenary contractors ... if my brother had been shot while in an unarmed demonstration, I would have helped string those turkeys up myself. How about you?

#11/12/2004 07:54:00 pm Assalam Aleikom Anonymous Anonymous

It's no wonder that most Americans really don't understand the mindset of most Muslims in Iraq and the surrounding areas.

What did the generations in Mosul do? They died by the hands of their own people (and Arabs and other Muslims) over the years. Infighting and corruption and a dictator killed them. Then terrorists and extreamists killed them. They have lived in fear and poverty for ages.

You think,
Americans that comes into your country to rid you of a dictator and to enable you to have free elections to elect leaders and a governing body are "engaged in Occupation"? For your information (which you will ignore) Occupation means to take and hold (to Possess).

There is not one American Soldier (or citizen) or Politician that wants to hold on to or possess IRAQ.

The only ones that want to do that are the left overs from Saddam. His Generals and their followers that were fired by the loss of the war and their beloved leader Saddam. You can include I guess some of the criminals that Saddam released and a few of the terrorists that came in from outside. They all want their piece of the virgin Iraq.

Well, until the virgin gets enough guts to stop the raping of her body, gets fed up enough with being the whore for Arabs and extreamist Muslims, she will need the assistance and protection of the Americans and her Allies.

This is my post

Papa Ray
West Texas

#11/13/2004 10:09:00 pm Assalam Aleikom Blogger Austin Word

80-90% of the Iraqi's want americans out of their country, the quickest way to let that happen is to stop resisting, let us pour our money into the economy rebuild iraq, and we will leave. Look at Bosnia, we went into there, destroyed everything, then rebuilt all of it and have pretty much removed all our troops from that country. If the violence in Iraq stops, we do what we came here to do "reconstruct" and then we will leave. My company pays iraqi citizens millions of dollars for their services, and they are very grateful for the business. We pay them obsurd amounts of money for simple items, items we need that are hard to find in Iraq. If Iraq became a safe place to move around and do your normal everyday things, the army would reduce its forces here dramastically, but until it is safe, expect the insurgents and many innocent people to die, until the iraqis stand up for themselves and want peace, and stop letting the insurgents make their cities decisions which cause reprocussions for everyone, iraq will be a violent place, and no one will want to stay here.

#11/14/2004 04:30:00 pm Assalam Aleikom Blogger emigre

Dear Austin

Considering your former false incarnation/s I hardly think you are in a position to declare what anyone wants let alone what anyone in Iraq may want. Do you even know who you are or what you want yourself, I wonder.

#11/14/2004 06:57:00 pm Assalam Aleikom Blogger Mister Ghost

Khalid's good people in Fallujah hard at work. . .

From ABC - Australia

Marines find caucasian woman's body in Fallujah
The body of a blonde-haired woman with her legs and arms cut off and throat slit has been found lying on the street in Fallujah, Marines said.

"It is definitely a Caucasian woman with long blonde hair," said a military official, who cut open a cover that had been over the corpse.

The gruesome discovery was made as the Marines moved through the south of Fallujah, hunting out the remaining die-hard rebels after a week of fierce fighting to regain control of the city.

"It is a female... missing all four appendages, with a slashed throat and disembowelled, she has been dead for a while but only in this location for a day or two," said Benjamin Finnell, a hospital apprentice with the Navy Corps, who had inspected the body.

An AFP photographer embedded with the Marines said the woman was wearing a blue dress and her face was completely disfigured.

The Marines said she appeared to have been on the street for about two days.

Sweeps of rubble-strewn neighbourhoods in Fallujah have already uncovered a grisly underworld of hostage slaughterhouses, prisons and torture chambers as well as the corpses of Iraqis who had been executed, Marines say.

Surviving hostages have also been found, but only one has been a foreigner - a Syrian driver who was abducted with two French journalists in August.

Two foreign women have been abducted in Iraq and remain missing.

One, Teresa Borcz, 54, a Pole, has blonde hair, the other, British aid worker Margaret Hassan, 59, has chestnut-coloured hair.

Ms Borcz, married to an Iraqi and a resident in Iraq for 30 years, was abducted late last month.

She has appeared in two video cassettes appealing to the Polish government to help her but her fate is unknown.

Ms Hassan, the Iraqi head of relief agency CARE International, was kidnapped on her way to work in Baghdad on October 19 and has appeared in three videos.

She also holds Iraqi citizenship after marrying an Iraq and is a long-term resident of the country.



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