Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Blogs New & Censored.

Iraq the Future. Blogged by an Iraqi/American quartet; Nabil, Yasser, Rosemary and Kathleen A.

1000 Words from Iraq. Blogged by Buffbabe220, a military journalist in Mosul Iraq. She reposts this story (by Christopher Cooper from the Wall Street Journal) about a weblogging soldier who has been relieved of duties and "confined to base". He tenaciously continues web logging about his war experience in Iraq by publishing items he finds online about things that are not now happening to him. You can read about what is not now happening to CBFTW here and you can read even more about what other people are saying about what is not now happening to CBFTW here (i know, i know, it's the lazy bloggers link, sorry). CBFTW excerpt;

To give you guys a better idea of what we're going through right now, here is an artcile on CNN's website that I found:

U.S. targeting insurgents in northern Iraq
Dozens dead in fighting at terrorist 'haven'

Lol. What more can one do.


#9/14/2004 09:46:00 pm Assalam Aleikom Blogger liminal

i think it's great that CBFTW stood for, Colby Buzzell f ' this war. And what a name...straight outta full metal jacket or something.

#9/15/2004 12:34:00 am Assalam Aleikom Blogger Alvaro Frota

I posted the above in CBFWT's blog "My War - Fear and Loathing in Iraq", commenting the censorship and the whole blog:

Alvaro Frota said...

Rio de Janeiro, 11 de setembro de 2004

Prezado "Colby Buzzell Fucking This War":

When you shoot down the entirely blog, I wrote to you saying "Sad, but well done". Despite without thousands of readers and fans, to writte freely without any kind of preoccupation about censorship, misunderstand and hated letters is a very good - and perhaps profitable - think. And, of course, to do an american soldier's job today in Iraq without being upset is also a very good think for one's health.

If the "War Street Journal" was correct, you are out of the batles. Well done to. Noboby needs to be an died heroe... And now, you republish the enterely blog. Great!

By reading your blog, you remember me Forest Gump. He is a morom, of course, in the first acception of the word, and you surely not, in the first and other acception, but he do have a very deep, intuitive and sharp intelligence. Then, dispite he has no pretension to led a message, he tells the people very simple thinks that people just doesn't is capable to understand, and, because of it, he becomes an national hero...

By telling the Internet world the day by day live of an american soldier in Mossul, you sure were doing a big hole in the information blockade of the occupation. By reading the blog with the brain, not the heart, one were able to figure that there are a very strong insurgency and uprising in Iraq. Your blog were just showing the war is lost for the US.

In the terrain, one doesn't just appear and disappear withou strongly support of the local population. And, as Guevara said, if the guerrilla express the very will of the people, and if the men has no fear to dead, the guerrilla will win, despite any handicap in weapons and tecnology.

If the FOB is mortared in a daily basis and the "mad" mortar-men moves freely from one place to another in order to avoid be pinpointed by the radar, and if the only think the soldiers, racing across the suburbs to find out them, is able to get is kids throwing rocks against them, how to avoid the growing daily rockets? And, then, one just sleeps under mortar atack... It is so simple. As we said in Brazil: "A ocupaç?o foi para a casa do caralho".

As you know, Mosul is far from the epicentre of the insurgency. But, one day, a whole detachment of the resistance come properly uniformed, well trained and well armed, without any fear, and made a big ambush. If one cross this information with the well knew fact that the old divions Medina, Bagdah and Republica suddenyly disappeared in front of the yes of the US brasses, leaving nothing in the terrain, in the last days of the occupation war, what conclusion arise? Who are these guys? AlQaeda, as the brasses said? In uniform? LOL.

And who are the guy that raced against one Striker with only one AK in his hands? Why he is too angry to commited suicide? The obvious answer: the iraq people are totaly upseted with the occupation. And these people has lots and lots of old russian-made weapons and ammunition stockpiled since before the invasion. And the hardcord of the resistance have up-to-date russian-made weapons, sent to them by Iran and other muslim states, have full intelligence of the terrain, and knows very well how to fight a guerrilla war. Conclusion...

Then, the interview with one iraqi. In Brazil, one say "seria cômico se n?o fosse tr?gico". It shall be a comic think, but is a very tragical one. For sure, the guy were real... But this real guy were just faking the americans. "What about Abu Graib?" "Fine!". How to give some confidence to a "puxa saco" like him? When the invasion of Iraq were organizing, all the iraqi that were questioned by american intelligence about what will happen allways answered "You will be received with flowers!". But...

And the real nice woman that becomes a translator and latter desappears. Probably was the one that were shoot to dead two or three days ago, in the city's University. Very very sad. But, in a war against a foreign occupation, translators, dealers and other colaborators with the occupiers must be shoot to dead, despite they are fake or they are nice. French resistance kill thousands and thousands of French colaborators with the nazi. Then... As we said: "Puta merda!"

What a mess the very presence of the american troops is doing to Iraq. Your blog showed all of this. The fans obviously don't figure anything like that. They are in your blog just to got some entertainment: "Please, kill some Iraqis and tell us the felling." As a brazilian chanson said:

A platéia ainda aplaude,
Ainda pede bis.
A platéia s? deseja
Ser feliz.

If the War is ravenous of the soldier's humanity. You didn't lossed yours and I'm sure you won't. This is the most important think.

Keep in "peace" and

Aquele Abraço!

?lvaro Frota
Paz entre n?s! Guerra aos senhores!

#9/15/2004 03:10:00 pm Assalam Aleikom Blogger emigre

if fiction is strange and fact is stranger then fiction, then perhaps ordinary is a grey area in between which is neither true nor false.

#9/17/2004 02:44:00 pm Assalam Aleikom Blogger Rosemary

Dear Khalid,

The person who just told you the war is lost for the USA, he/she is wrong, because we are not going to leave you this time. We are going to make sure that you have security and freedom. It may seem a far way away right now, but I can assure you, through prayers, that you will be better than you ever dared to dream. I wish I could just hug you and help you to see what I see, but I know that is impossible. Therefore, take comfort in the knowledge that YOU could run for office now! Like you said, why not?!


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