Friday, April 30, 2004


US forces prepare to leave Fallujah after a deal is arranged for a new Fallujah Protective Army to replace US marines. The Fallujah Protective Army is comprised of former Iraqi soldiers, who were employed by the former Baathist regime, and will be under the command of a General Salah. A Lt.-Gen. Salah Abboud al-Jabouri is known to have served as governor of Anbar province under Saddam and was a senior commander in Saddam's military.

The Fallujah Protective Army is expected to keep Fallujan insurgents in check.

Back to Iraq has as comprehensive a post as any other news outlet, best i read.

1). US administrative references to armed opposition has shifted from phrases implicating the former Baath party; "remnants of Baathist Regime" to; "Insurgents". Previous ascertains that fighting was occurring between (liberating) US forces and (resisting) remnants of Saddam's army are now thrown into a questionable gloom. Former members of Saddam's army have now been recruited to engage in battle with, um, former members of Saddam's army.

2). Some Iraq bloggers earlier this week have already expressed reservations re re-baathification.

3). Reasons for going to war. Checklist.
~ WMD; none found, so far.
~ Regime change; regime re-installation, as of April 2004, commencing Fallujah.
~ War on Terror; very successful, top marks, war now in full swing. Update; war now in full swing. More headlines.

4). Flag ~ flagging.

5). Iraqi POW's ~ can of worms. Prediction; will try to find person with can-opener and hold accountable for as many PR failures as possible.

6). Not a very good month.

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