Friday, April 30, 2004


It is not unusual for a company that perceives its image to be failing to choose to redesign its logo. While there is nothing especially wrong with a new design itself, it is the timing and the band-aid approach with which it is applied that perhaps attracts most criticism. Such a small blue and white bandage, to staunch such deep wounds.

It is not unusual that a designer might find, in redesigning a company logo, that it is not in fact the original logo itself which is at fault. Failing image is usually tied to deeper failings within a company, and faltering public opinion generally rests on experience as a customer rather then the letterhead printed on the latest monthly bill.

If belief were not already suspended it might be astonishing to see a multi billion dollar industry, which runs an entire nation of states, making such an old, common, mistake as attempting to salvage reputation by slapping a new company sticker on a new product.

~ Flag
~ Four previous Iraq flags. (up to six now, and counting... the new flag is only temporary).

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