Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Ok, the last post was about "News-Leak" or "News-Echo". Today's post looks at "News-Dub", that is, where the lips are moving but all other sources are saying something else.

So, we have for example Radio Free Europe reporting 28 April 2004 that Fighting subsides in Iraq with an excellent "News-Logic" quote from Brahimi; "Unless this standoff [in Al-Fallujah] -- and now this fighting -- is brought to a resolution through peaceful means, there is great risk of a very bloody confrontation". So apart from bringing us such incisive observations as; if this war doesn't end soon, there is a great risk it will continue, a sync issue can also be detected. While the articles title declares that "Fighting subsides" a quote in the body of text tells us that "Unless...this fighting -- is bought to a resolution..." suggesting that fighting has not subsided yet, and is in fact quite likely to continue.

At the same time most other news sources are headlining stories that support the continued fighting theme as deduced above; April 28 2004 The Star; Insurgents killed as US hits Fallujah Ottawa Citizen; Ceasefire shattered, U.S. strikes Fallujah and loads more here.


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