Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Conflict continues, this time in Basra where UK troops are based, 68 are killed in suicide bombings targeting police stations.

The Pentagon draws up plans to increase troops "if needed" (more funds may be requested) while Blair has no plans to increase troops, and seems to be having polling problems. Results from a Guardian survey show that support for the war has slumped from 53% in January to 41%. A similar specter looms in the US with young voters becoming increasingly politically aware, and president Bush's "re-election" campaign losing financial advantage (why should a re-election campaign be needed? Did it matter the last time?). Things are getting a bit tight. What would you do, if you were a president in a similar position? Why, but of course, urge a patriot act renewal.

The provisions up for reauthorization include such controversial measures as so-called ''roving wiretaps,'' as well as broad search powers that critics say violate the Fourth Amendment.

But Bush expanded his call Monday, asking Congress to further strengthen the legislation that's raised the ire of civil libertarians and some within his own party by broadening the government's ability to issue subpoenas, to tighten bail provisions and to expand the federal death penalty statute ... ''Some in Congress not only want to expire, they want it rolled back,'' Bush said in a 45-minute speech that sketched out a vision of a world where America stands as the only bulwark against terrorists who ''have no soul and have no conscience.''

Some in Congress want to expire? How inconsiderate, some people just have no soul and no conscience.


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