Thursday, April 15, 2004

I heard about this a few days ago; a freelance journalist who managed to obtain a videotape used by a resistance group to recruit new members. The story; what the DVD reveals is that coalition forces have underestimated the enemy because they didn't even know who they are: ordinary Iraqis frustrated and humiliated by the occupation.

Meanwhile, these reassuring words from the current US president George Bush; "Nobody likes to see dead people on their television screens."

The images from Iraq that I have been seeing over the last few weeks are full of young men outdoors waving weapons. If I were to assess the composition of Iraq's population based on the images I have been seeing, I might be forgiven for thinking Iraq is full of young men running high on adrenalin. Where are the women? Why aren't stories about Iraq's female population making cutting edge news? Could it be, Mr President, that in sparing the west from images of dead people on tv, the media is also sparing us from footage of women outdoors in Iraq?

More outdoor pictures; Marines in Fallujah.


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