Thursday, April 08, 2004

You either laugh or you cry. Try a smile with this Khalidism; the country is revoluting. Read Khalid's latest, he has a short story to tell about American soldiers who sheltered overnight in a mosque in Sadir city, the Imam (sheikh) of the mosque offered them protection saying (Khalid's translation) "they seeked protection..and our islamic morals prevents us from hurting long as they are inside..they are under my protection."

Riverbend, echoing a sentiment in Healing Iraq's post yesterday, is reminded of events this time last year; I woke up to the sound of explosions and gunfire last night and for one terrible moment I thought someone had warped me back a whole year and we would have to relive this last year of our life over and over again…

Faiza posts again; I heard that people are arranging a blood donation campaign. They say that hospitals are full with injured and killed people.

Nabil, usually the Iraqi blog sport channel, blogs that The situation in Iraq now become more bad and more than bad because the Sheia Muslims are fighting the collusion Forces and the Sunni Muslims are fighting them from another side and We the Iraqi citizens are hurt of what happens.

From Iraq Hack; the lieutenant, a two-star officer of the Iraqi Civil Defense Corps, said, grabbing another firefighter. "He may wear this uniform, but he is Mahdi Army." Then the lieutenant tapped his own chest. "We may work for the government now," Lieutenant Kadar said. "But if anything happens, we all work for Sadr."

Omar, on Iraq The Model, talking about Muqtada, would prefer to see the IP capture him rather than the coalition soldiers because this -although maybe difficult- will show that Iraqis will stop who tries to harm our people and destroy our future even if he's a cleric and even if he has many aggressive supporters.

Another mosque story from the Jarrar quarters, this time from Raed; “Yes, we destroyed the mosque at Falluja because terrorists were hiding inside it, and we killed many ENEMIES hiding thereâ€‌. Read past Raed's staple comic routine and he gets serious with The Three Smart Political Steps of the Day: finishing; Killing hundreds of Iraqis and dozens of foreign soldiers (Americans, Brits, Italians, Polish, Ukrainians, El Salvadorians and others) is not the answer.

... and Iraqi Spirit quotes Emily Bronte.

Everybody has opinion/analysis to offer, but there does seem to be a consensus that many people are staying indoors if possible, and are generally keeping their heads down, if not their blogs.


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